What I’ve Learned from 21 Days of My Creative Sabbatical

Via a perpetually creative lady Sheila & I met one SXSW – excerpt “Curiosity doesn’t always feel safe anymore, even when I crave it.” – and then she tells how she overcame that feeling… Really nice!

#creativity #InnerPeace #hiking

Carrie Melissa Jones, Community Consultant

Editor’s Note: I originally published this piece on Medium. Follow me there for more updates on my journey.

Waterfall in the lower Cascades, November 2017 Waterfall in the lower Cascades, November 2017

A few days ago, I drove 45 minutes from my house through the wide and winding road of Interstate 90 in Western Washington. The road takes you along the bottom of the Cascade Mountain Range and transports you from the steel gray of the city of Seattle into the green gray of the mountains in less than an hour.

On this particular morning, I had a familiar anxious energy running through my body. This low level of anxiety had become my “normal”, my heart always beating a little faster than it should, my brain used to juggling my own as well as everyone else’s needs. It’s why, in essence, I’ve taken a creative sabbatical, as my friend Jonna proclaimed a few weeks ago. I…

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