Why Didn’t Your Bot Invite Me to A Secret Club?

Kinda scary and kinda promising and very interesting, all on Christmas Eve 🙂

excerpt, “If the Internet is all about discovery (which I believe it is), I believed for a moment that this brand was going to help me discover ‘my people’. This, I know, is the most powerful thing a brand can do.”

via Carrie Melissa Jones

Carrie Melissa Jones, Community Consultant

I was asked last week if I wanted to join a brand’s secret club.

Was it the illuminati? Was it a secret community of advanced community builders? Was it an invitation to join the robot takeover of the world?

Sadly, it was none of those things.

Also, sadly, it was not actually a club at all. Though that is what the brand called it.

Exhibit A: The Invitation

I had been searching the web for some help on Instagram for my side business, and I found an agency that piqued my interest. So I poked around their site a bit and left. The next day, I decided to revisit the site to check back on a resource I remembered reading. At that point, this pop-up interrupted my experience:

JumperMedia1A secret club?That sounds pretty damn cool.

The community builder in me was curious how an agency was building community, and…

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