Re-branding Instagram account

Rebooting this not just cause of the great street photography shots from Tom Plevnik, but also because he’s pondering some adjustments in regard to his various media presences – hope that’s the right word 🙂 . Well worth a look into his newest #BWPhotography, plus maybe you’ll have some insight to offer him – all the best everyone! 🙂


Tom Plevnik Photography

What does one do when they decide to focus more on a specific genre and less on what they’ve built their feed and following on? Do you keep your previous posts public so new followers get a sense of where you come from, or do you demolish your feed with proverbial dynamite and start all over? Do you ditch your old account entirely and create another one, starting the process of gaining followers all over again? Or do you try to juggle multiple accounts, all displaying a different side of your work?

Btw… 48 days till Warszawa

DSC_0124-01 Cour du Commerce Saint André

DSC_0195-01 Pont Louis Philippe

DSC_0352-01-01 Rue Frédéric Sauton

DSC_0379-01-01 Rue de la Colombe

DSC_0400-01-01 Pont Neuf

DSC_0404-01-01 Pont Neuf

DSC_0418-01-01 Pont Neuf

DSC_0426-01-01 Place Dauphine

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