Book Review – Life of Choice: Parts 1 – 5

This is a bit of a long review, as it covers 5 parts or books of one story, a young man’s journey as a soldier. P.A. Ruddock is an exceptionally astute and clear reviewer, and Tom Benson the author (whom I’ve read a few works of) has experience in a wide range of genres from humor to thrillers to poetry with a distinct sense of believability. If you’d like a peek at a solider’s life, from a UK viewpoint, this should appeal (smiles).

TBimage2A Life of Choice by Tom Benson is a five-part series about a young recruit to the Royal Corps of Signals of the British Army. In a bit of a departure from my usual blog format, the reader will find my individual reviews for each part of the series listed in chronological order. Apart from for the final part, the subsequent reviews to pt1 of the series are you will notice, shorter and less detailed, the reason being that I’d simply be repeating myself from the more overall review of pt1 in the series.


There are many authors who have drawn on their past military experience to write both fictional and non-fiction accounts of their military careers and quite a few who have relied purely on research and their imagination.  

Quite often, though by no means IASDpicalways,  such books will either lack the authenticity of genuine military experience or be…

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