Paris – Variations of the Endurance of Beauty and Art In Our Lives

Dec 06, 2018

I’ve found that some moments I’ve caught with my camera will often begin telling me, like a model turning and showing how light highlights its beauty – “Look at me! I am beautiful, I am enticing, I endure! What can you do that will enhance the light!”

Paris, I feel, like the best parts in all of us, reminds us of the way…. (smiles)




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There are many ways to discover beauty in our world, and Paris is one of those places people have proven that art in all its forms of living will always show and endure. 

My next series of image on Fine Art America are more recent than our trip to Paris in 2012, and feature the just-fading images of autumn in Austin Texas. It’s not Vermont, lol! But better than usual I think this year. I hope you’ll take a look 🙂


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