Mount Mansfield, My Favorite Sunrise Photo Shoot Series of 2018 – Image Three

Mount Mansfield September Sunrise  5:27am - ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Mount Mansfield September Sunrise, Three 5:27am
© Felipe Adan Lerma

Dec 28, 2018

Though only a few minutes have passed from my previous pic (Image Two, link at bottom of this post), already there’s small changes.

As I wrote in my image description on my image site at Fine Art America –

“only a few minutes more have passed, but already patches of fog in the valleys are reflecting sunlight – light reaching up from the curve of the earth, finding the heavy cloud bank above the gap where Mount Mansfield sleeps, and reflecting down upon the fog!”

What should already be very apparent though is the form of Mount Mansfield’s silhouette against the sky – the face of a person lying prone on the earth! 🙂

My Google search ( ) found quite a few good articles. Many describe which summits describe which feature (nose, lips, etc) and which angles to view the whole profile (east & west).

Being only a (reluctantly) intermittent visitor to Vermont, I have to claim plausible confusion, as I’ve come to think the chin was the upper lip, and the Adam’s Apple is the bottom lip. Personally I think either view works, but I will definitely defer to those who’ve lived and named the peaks long before I ever knew about this grand mountain in my wife’s home state (smiles).

Below, from the opposite direction, on another day, for a sunset, is one of the many shots of Mount Mansfield I’ve posted to my site on Fine Art America, tagged into my Vermont Collection of photography and art.

Late Evening Sunset, Mount Mansfield © Felipe Adan Lerma
Late Evening Sunset, Mount Mansfield
© Felipe Adan Lerma

So what do you think? How do you see the mountain’s silhouette? Is it a face (which I see all the time now, lol!) or is it something else?

Thanks so much for stopping by. I do have four more Mount Mansfield sunrise images picked from that early September morning – I hope you’ll come back by and see how the morning developed, it awas a beauty! 🙂


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