Mount Mansfield September Sunrise Five

Happy New Year Everyone! This is the 5th image in my Mount Mansfield September Sunrise photo shoot one morning, September, 2018.

Mount Mansfield September Sunrise Five, 5:50 am
© Felipe Adan Lerma; 5th of 7 in my Vermont sunrise photo shoot.
Mount Mansfield September Sunrise Five, 5:50 am
© Felipe Adan Lerma

Dec 31, 2018

It is the first of the series with the sun actually showing. The prior images were twilights, from astronomical twilight to nautical to civil, each a progressive category of light appearing with the sun actually below the horizon.

I thought it apropos for New Years to post the first of my photos from that morning with the sun breaking the horizon line 🙂

Below is an excerpt from my description for this shot on its product page on my Fine Art America site.

At this point, with the appearance of the sun itself, I remember distinctly experiencing a sense of inevitability. 

A sense of a sense of inevitability really. 

Though nothing is guaranteed in life (including death and taxes in certain ways of thinking) daybreak has long meant the time to do things only doable with light when day had begun (even if no longer strictly true) – hunts for food, battles between armies, feeding the children and elderly, going to work, going to school, having light to paint, seeing love returned from a loved one’s face… 

…and seeing another new day. 

Because, for as long as people have lived on Earth, when the sun rose, it was inevitable – there was no turning back the new day – 

A ball of fire and light rose in the sky – the air began finishing its changes from red to yellow, yellow to white, white to blue – light carved the wide mountain silhouette into hills and valleys then layers of distances – 

Flat fields of crops appeared and slanted up the foreground to the horizon line, flattening the mountains and trees against the sky. 

I had been in my photo shoot spot nearly an hour. I could go now, I had seen the sun rise. 

Or I could stay, finish seeing the new day arrive. 

I stayed.

And I feel very much the same here tonight at home with my wife, I have seen the New Year arrive around the globe, yet here I stay, to see the New Year, our New Year, arrive here at home….

Happy New Year everyone! 🙂


Other Options & Ideas
My Amazon affiliate marketing highlights for this post and the other five in this Mt Mansfield Sunrise Series is the camera I bought this spring from Amazon before our trip to Vermont, the Canon Powershot G9 X Mark II Compact Digital Camera .

Featuring a one inch sensor, and the option of going fully automatic or manually to the degree I need for my photography, I like both its size and feel. Plus it has a neat retro look that reminds me of the old film cameras “way” back, lol! 😊

I also like the macro setting and ability to shoot deep night pictures.

With a decent size memory card I keep my camera set to capturing images at its largest file size, about 20 MB.

But check out my other images in the Mt Mansfield Sunrise Series and see the shifts of light through the three twilights to daybreak!

And if you’d like more ideas, browse my Amazon search for Photography Compact Cameras at . Thanks so much!


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