Paris : PhotoPoem # 4 : “Music at Shakespeare & Company”

This is a special reblog of a post I wrote in Paris over six years ago. I noticed it as a Suggested Related Previous Post of mine at the end of my recent blog post, “About the Images in My Books, Part 2 – Narrative / Illustrative Photography and Art”.

After correcting/deleting a few bad links & no longer available info, I decided this post, “ – was indeed a great match for my current post 🙂 It’s got poetry and pictures, written & shot, during mine and my wife’s great 5 1/2 week stay in Paris for most of the holidays back in 2012 (smiles).

Also related of course is Part 1 of my current posts, “Images in my Books, Book Covers” – .

PhotoPoem posts on my site 😊


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Slumming in Paris Part One, Arthur & GricindaParis PhotoPoems Series, #4 “Music at Shakespeare & Company”

Pictured Left : Slumming in Paris Part One, Arthur & Gricinda

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Paris : PhotoPoem # 4 : “Music at Shakespeare & Company”


Shakespeare and Company Store Front Shakespeare and Company Store Front, Paris France


“Music Inside the Books”


a second generation

literary bastion

quartered in an ancient gallic city

across time’s enduring symbol

notre dame

prayed the flowing seine


piano-classic played

stroked by a passers-bye-public

keys touched, kissed

like flowers bent down to the dew

pulling strings, sounds, of wonderment

conversing replies to any country’s words

joining forgotten inner movements

flipped like pages soft as the air

in the fertile arts of paris

© 2012 felipe adan…

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