Seeing the Poem Emerge in My Painting – Sometimes Finding the Words Can Take Awhile – That’s OK :)

Mount Mansfield and Malletts Bay combined one brisk early 2017 fall morning in Vermont with photos and an experience that gave rise to this painting late 2018.

The painting took awhile to evolve from the photos, and the poem – written late one February night, 2019 – took even longer. That’s the way it works sometimes (smiles).

Slowly, like the sunrise itself, I realized, the poem in my tweet not only fit my feeling of standing in the early morning cold – cold for me, a Texas boy, lol! – but also fit the process I experienced deciding how to let the painting, the image – flow inside the paint across the canvas!

I experimented placing more detail both into the shadows on the water and within the silhouette of Mount Mansfield, but opted for the flow of light itself to be the greater draw, on the water and on and within the solitary boat. And this short poem, in the tweet above, I believe, turns out to reflect this – literally – back to me, my feelings in the gnarly dark dusk.

Creative work it seems, is as much what it creates in awareness within myself as what finally appears in print and paint (smiles).

Nautical Sunrise Mount Mansfield From Malletts Bay ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Nautical Sunrise Mount Mansfield From Malletts Bay
©Felipe Adan Lerma
Image Capture with Canon G9 Compact
Canon One Inch Sensor Series –

Thank you so much for stopping by! May beautiful sunrises be plentiful in your life! 🙂


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