Discovering Diamonds Review: “Ike and Kay” by James MacManus

My reblogs via other writers/artists are more rare these days but this sounds absolutely fascinating! Even the “about” info on the author being reviewed by Christoph Fischer is compelling. With the news of the day often filled with revelations of sexual abuse across so many levels of society, it’s comforting to see a portrait of obvious true affection and love, and the conflicts that can create. The human heart is a mysterious surprising self indeed! 🙂


36361422“Ike and Kay” by James MacManus is the fictionalised account of the war time affair between married General Dwight Eisenhower and his assistant-turned-driver Kay Summersby; an affair which started in 1942 and came to a final end after the war.
I didn’t know this detail about Eisenhower until I read the blurb for this book and found the story particularly interesting and well-told. The background story is immaculately researched and fascinating, too: from Eisenhower’s first arrival in Britain, his rise in rank to his war involvement in North Africa and Berlin, I learned a lot of minor and major detail about the military operation and about the person Eisenhower.
Like other readers, I didn’t feel the love between the main characters, though, maybe because I didn’t feel it myself; this as a caution to those reading it for the romance aspect. That caveat aside, it is worth reading as work…

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