I Am – via Author Regina Puckett ❤️

Was gonna wait to reblog this tomorrow, but considering I forgot to schedule my own post for this morning, I better do while the doing doable, lol 😂

Regina Puckett, for those unfamiliar, is an exceptionally prolific & uplifting author, who either lifts you up, or makes u think…and often both 😊

I hope you’ll give this in particular a look ❤️

Thanks, everyone!


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Regina Puckett

ballerinaI Am

Regina Puckett

I am an empty soul waiting to be filled

I am an eager will waiting to be killed

I am a hungry mind waiting to be fed

I am a brilliant idea waiting to be shred

I am a world of anger waiting to explode

I’m a torn heart waiting to be sewed

Maybe I’m not your problem or maybe I am

In a world filled with horrors, I am the lamb

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