Kirt Tisdale, Photographer : “ Lighting Changes – Sailboats on San Diego Bay”

This is a straightforward visual & verbal representation illustrating how – when the light changes – everything changes.

Even in the same general scene.

On the surface fairly obvious, but, when seeing the result in terms of how those surface changes affect mood and satisfaction with a shot, not nearly so simple.

Just read the comment thread to hear the varying choices of which “moments” caught in one day were preferred.

Interesting and, in my thinking, immensely encouraging towards the idea of allowing oneself one’s own creativity…

Kirt, is a long time photographer, with a worthwhile series of posts worth peeking at, if even only for the visual delights 🙂

I’m closing out my birthday day very late, so will hopefully add a bit more tomorrow, after our usual Sunday omelette breakfast 🙂

Thanks everyone!



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