Enjoy Dark Chocolates for these Benefits by Sheqo

Studies show that the flavanols in chocolate raised nitric oxide levels, helping blood vessels dilate. Scientists began to take a closer look into…
— Read on sheqoz.com/enjoy-dark-chocolate-for-this-health-benefits/


Came across this ariticle and couldn’t resist sharing it for the holidays – though when isn’t chocolate – at the very least – a good idea, lol!

Well I’m sure there’s some instances (worth checking w/your health provider), but Sheqo shares several instances of when it is very good 😊

Like —

  • Good for your heart
  • Diabetes (a big surprise!)
  • Mood
  • Brain health
  • Seniors

At least I’m covered by the last category 😂

This is a fun, informative, very brief article!

My only wish-item is there’d been some links to more info, but still definitely worth the quick look! ❤️

Take care everyone! Enjoy the holidays!


    • Ahhahaha, I think that was my motivation for the reblog myself! 😊 I’m “still” recovering from our family/friends Christmas Eve evening feast; my two-surgery 69 year old body says, sure was good, but..maybe little less next year 😊


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