“The Wedding Blessing” — The Poetry of Unions

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“the wedding blessing” – the poetry of unions

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Adan Lerma
Adan Lerma

a schedule began to emerge

our youngest girl’s earliest-dated-bff (since kindergarten, back in the early 80’s) was set to be married this past weekend in san antonio

sheila and i hadn’t been back to austin since the holidays, and missed a few friends we hadn’t seen in about a year

thursday we had a silversneakers yoga instructor’s class scheduled in houston where three of our granddaughters, oldest girl, and husband live

we currently live, again, in galveston

a route formed in our minds 😉


if we are all one, why bother making friends then visiting them? –

meeting lovers and, eventually, marrying some of them? –

staying close to family and, at times, knowingly let them endure us?

there seems more at work than like-molecules mutually attracted to each other, though that’s nothing to be minimized either…


sheila and i caught up months, the year, and decades – with a few small talks, winks, and most of all, recognitions :

“she and i talked and ate lunch together nearly 10 years” –

“i remember you when you were less than 3 feet tall!” –

“you changed your name again? can i pick the next one?” –

“yes i’m still painting, yes i’m still exercising, yes i’m still planning on retiring, yes of course i’ll come visit sooner, yes i remember when you ate more jalapenos than me, no she passed away, yes she’s a beautiful bride…”

weddings are as much a reunion as a union i think 😉


wedding vows are disparaged by some, made worthless by others –

but, mostly, it seems, honored as we humans honor all things, the best we can while striving to honor both all things inside ourselves, and around us

we know we must first be true to our own interiors, yet know we can not live alone, nor, most of us, want to…

so, it also seems, as our total human folklore tells us, we can meet someone so special, so soothing, we can do both, yes we can honor both the-me with the-you

we heard it in chants in forests long leveled, across peaks now rounded to hills, in valleys once under water, in times without time and in time we all knew it must be true –

so we marry…

for better or for worse 😉


A Wedding Blessing

Give yourselves patience

to learn then love

the little seen gems

inside each of you.

Lend each other your

separate wisdom to create

a unique union.

Bestow on yourselves

the benefit of any

doubts or unknowns.

And in the blend and mix

of all these


may you find

that each of you

is the other’s


best blessing.

©  1995-2011 adam light creations / adan lerma


Included in “Inspirations from Life: Thirty Three Years of Poems and Images” on Scribd.

Below is a preview.


Now also available as a Gift Writing, on Amazon.

A Wedding Blessing Gift Writing On Amazon
A Wedding Blessing
Gift Writing On Amazon


Adan at Wedding
Adan at Wedding

weddings have been some of my best memories and moments, this was no exception….


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