“Angel Baby” – Enduring Poetry

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if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –

“angel baby” – enduring poetry


i’ve referenced in prior poems the idea that we often sense our oneness in our everyday lives – that we often meditate without realizing it

and though our goal may be to more consciously meditate in time (i have no real idea where “more consciously” would be “completely conscious”) – with “angel baby” i feel i’ve chosen our most fragile yet most enduring link to oneness

where “cross country” linked me to our external world of trees and air and rocks, and “heart beats” crossed across to another heart, “angel baby” in retrospect, feels like i am balanced, precariously it almost seems, ‘tween a twinkle, winking birth into a day of new days, and an older light, catching glimpse-reminders, where i’ve been, where i’ll be, and when i go, who i am…


if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


Angel Baby

Hands so small the fingernails

are but points of paint.

And lips so shapely so

tiny baby birds sing

through them.

And while sleeping,

those same fresh lips

crease a quick smile, as

to say, “I know you’re watching

me.”  For that’s the essence

of an angel baby:  to give

us a glance, almost a touch,

of heaven’s most precious

promise:  new life.

©  1994-2011 adam light creations / adan lerma


Angel Baby, Original Photography by Adan Lerma
Angel Baby, Original Photography by Adan Lerma


below is my comment 4 years ago on my work


Artist’s Comment: one of our most enduring most requested writings we’ve created

equally as enduring has been my fascination with the image of those tiny finger nails, which provided my starting point for this work

that i refer to the tiny fingernails as “points of paint” didn’t even strike me at the time as so closely tied to my enjoyment of painting

the baby birds & lips reference is a direct association to my oldest daughter as an infant

adan – december 15, 2007


i realize now, what had sparked my memory 4 years ago, of why i was reminded in 1994 of my oldest girl, was the birth that year of my oldest granddaughter –

and this image, of my youngest granddaughter, begins to link them all 😉

the links of what endures does, it seems, endure….

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