“Mom’s Are” – Mother’s Day Week of Original Poetry

Family Poems Cover Image, original family poems by adan & sheila lermaThis poem is featured in the “Family Poems” ebook by Adan & Sheila Lerma, a collection of over one hundred original poems.

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“mom’s are” – mother’s day week of original poetry


this is a style poem i like to use a lot, loaded with imagery

talk about letting my playfulness run 😉


below the poem are my comments from 2008, when i had this poem posted on my old arts-only site

it’s nice to be integrating my own material 😉


Mom’s Are…

Moms are

rain clouds

for a parched garden…

textured color

for flat bare walls…

a scenic back road

for the rushed and weary…

a curved walkway

for those seeking

a gentler way…

a cactus for the impatient…

and Moms are a bank

for those who’ve learned

there are memories

worth earning 

and memories

worth saving….

©  1996-2011 adam light creations / adan lerma


Family Poems Book Preview


only sightly edited, my commentary about “mom’s are” back a few years :


Artist’s Comment: like the related poem recommended below [ will be posted later this wk ] , this poem allows me to search for images that come to mind as i think about my mom, and allow the feelings within [ to ] surface

the main difference is this one speaks to what my mom “is” like, while “if mom’s were” allows to what a mom “would be like” if they were such and such, also allowing for feelings and images to surface as i focus on the subject, in this case, my mom  🙂

i like both methods of conjuring images and feelings, and have used it for many subjects, including other family and even pets; i find it really helps bring out nuances specific to my own experiences…

adan – may 4, 2008


original mother’s day week poems will continue into sunday 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


poetry series

Now available on Scribd.

My Author Pages for major outlets for eBook or Audio.



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