“Mother-in-Law” – Mother’s Day Week of Original Poetry

Family Poems Cover Image, original family poems by adan & sheila lermaThis poem is featured in the “Family Poems” ebook by Adan & Sheila Lerma, a collection of over one hundred original poems.

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“Family Poems”


“mother-in-law” – mother’s day week of original poetry


like the step parent poem, a writing for one’s mother-in-law, can also be challenging

when the connections are made, these can be rewarding indeed



You weren’t sure if you liked me at first.

You’d glance at me from the corner

of your eye

and I’d glance back,

neither of us sure.

But we found we share someone very

precious to us both.  And the

sharing has shaped us.  Patience

with each other has had its reward

through the light in your child’s eyes.

Our laughter, when you and I are

together, has found its echo

in her voice.

You and I have each held

her hand and now

we’ve found a common


for each other.

© 1994-2011 adam light creations – adan lerma


Family Poems Book Preview


namaste – con dios – god be with you


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Family Poems, available on Scribd.

My Author Pages for major outlets for eBook or Audio.



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