“Mommy” – Mother’s Day Week of Original Poetry

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“mommy” – mother’s day week of original poetry


it’s a favorite thing of mine to at times pretend to be my much younger self 😉 knowing i could never really fully capture that total innocence of connection

but it’s fun, and helped me produce this little piece


as my comment below the poem, from 2008 shows, not only many a little one liked it, but lots of older folk too 😉

some things, when the flow flows right, just work out…




show me how

to make all kinds of fat

cookies – then let me test them.

Mommy, read me a

story and let me make all

of the noises for all of the animals.

Mommy, then take me to

the park.  And let’s stay til it

gets just past dark.

Mommy, take me

to your work

and let me

call all my friends.

Mommy, sing me a song

so I can say the words too.  And

Mommy.  Promise me we’ll do it

all over again


©  1994-2011 adam light creations / adan lerma


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what’s nice at times when some time has gone by, as below in 2008, 14 years after i’d written this little poem, is how freed i was, and even now, am, to admire the work, without even feeling it’s me that wrote or created it –

it’s far enough away to have been like a good past life, if such exist, maybe worth remembering a feeling or thought or lesson or strength gained, but generating no real desire to be back there again…

and my thoughts back then in 2008? i’m just as content with them now as then 😉


Artist’s Comment: an adorable little poems from a little one’s point of view

many a daddy or older sibling had us personalize this one for a young one

and many of these older siblings and other parents often expressed they wouldn’t mind sharing these same thoughts of things to do with their own mom

some things we just don’t need to out grow  🙂

adan – may 4, 2008

namaste – con dios – god be with you


poetry series

Now available on Scribd.

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