“Mom” – Mother’s Day Week of Original Poetry

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“mom” – mother’s day week of original poetry


at the time this was written, there was a wave of sentiment, that said we should see our parents as people also, like us, with their share dreams and problems, worries and hopes

i believe, initially, the impulse was a good one, a desire in the air to make us younger folk more aware, more considerate, of these older ones that’d raised us 😉

then there seemed a morphing where the thought was, we should make some sort of “break” with our parents, as parents, and, more spiritually and maturely, see them as, well, just people – souls passing through with their own karmas and challenges and goals

like ourselves 😉

well, i think that only works with extreme effort, unnecessary effort at best

as i’ve mentioned in an earlier poem posted this week for my mother’s day week of poems, “my mom is an angel,” i think if anything, our relationship with our parents is even deeper than i may have thought

this poem deals partially with that aborted issue 😉



When I was filthy with what I thought was

God’s own powder

you bathed the dirt off me.

When I was so hungry I smacked my lips and

swung my legs while squeezing my hands

together, you cooked for me.

When, that first scary week in first grade,

I walked home with a limp because of an

“accident,” you had the clean clothes and

a smile ready.

When I lay in my bed, so hot with fever the room

spun and my eyes felt they floated above me,

you cooled me with the

touch of your hand on my head and

the soft-soft hush of your voice.

And when I try to see you now, distinct

from all this, separate, almost a stranger,

one adult among many, the sight of you

that way, lasts but a second….

My mind’s eye clicks its eyelid shutters and

the woman who bathed me, fed me, clothed me

is once again warmly in my view.

And I, in yours.

© 1994-2011 adam light creations / adan lerma


Family Poems Book Preview


so tomorrow is mother’s day

and tomorrow i post two poems, “mother’s day” and “a  daughter’s mother” (written by my wife sheila for her mom back in the 90’s)

tomorrow, we also go to houston and see my mom, and see what she would like to do 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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Now available on Scribd.

My Author Pages for major outlets for eBook or Audio.



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