“Mother’s Day” – Mother’s Day Week of Original Poetry

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if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


today is mother’s day

today i post this and another poem, “mom”

today we go to houston and see my mom and see what she’d like to do 😉


Mother’s Day

Unlike a mother’s work, does Mother’s Day

have a beginning and an end?  Does it

start at midnight the second Sunday of May?

Or maybe at first light

when young feet and hands

jiggle a tray of toast and tea,

a surprise, to her.

Does it end then?  Or after

the restaurant supper and scheduled


Once, maybe.  When I was younger

and hadn’t thought


of my beginning 

or my end.

But now, now it starts fresh every day. 

Now Mother’s Day has no schedule.

Though, even now, it seems, my

hands and feet still want

to jiggle and splash

the toast with tea.

© 1994-2011 adam light creations – adan lerma


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does yoga start at a certain time? the beginning of class? when awareness kicks in?

or has yoga been there waiting for us?

i’m not sure truthfully…

but, like mother’s day, i believe, it truly has no schedule, no beginning, and no end…

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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Now available on Scribd.

My Author Pages for major outlets for eBook or Audio.



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