adan’s original paintings #’s 7-12 plus 1st review – at Art Hop, september 2011, burlington vt

Everyday Inspirations - PhotoPoems Vol 3
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Pictured, “Everyday Inspirations Vol 3”

Original images from Vermont, each with an original verse.


“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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adan’s original paintings #’s 7-12 plus 1st review – at Art Hop, sept 9-10, 2011, burlington vt

“red bud trail” – “rowing on town lake” – “winter morning, zilker park”

“view of the capitol” – “off hwy 71” – “bryant park”



Art Hop, Burlington Vermont, Sept 9-10, 2011 – Delivering My Art

Art Hop, Burlington Vermont, Sept 9-10 ’2011 – At the Festival


Article Outline
Painting : “Red Bud Trail”
  • Commentary
Painting : “Rowing on Town Lake”
  • Commentary
Painting : “Winter Morning, Zilker Park”
  • Commentary
Painting : “View of the Capitol”
  • Commentary
Painting : “Off Hwy 71”
  • Commentary
Painting : “Bryant Park”
  • Commentary
Exhibit Location at Art Hop & thru September

Sneak Peek – Art Hop Friday Night, 5-9 pm

  • Intro
  • Stills from Friday Evening’s Video
Final Thoughts On My Exhibited Art


if a picture is worth a thousand words, a painting then, is either worth none, or more than can be said –

and either count could signify like or dislike

so, i’m not gonna try that 😉


Adan Lerma
Adan Lerma




[ please note : sample image, will be included in a new ebook of one of images from yoga-adan ]

Red Bud Trail
Red Bud Trail, Original Painting Adan Lerma


“red bud trail” has a bigger brother, a larger version with couple-friend in austin

they live relatively near by, by texas-traveling standards 😉 and were the perfect people for the larger image

red bud trail park is another of those magic spots in austin –

cliffs, running rocky water, and occasionally, able to present fall foliage

though i haven’t seen the fall foliage here in vermont yet, and this will be my first time to see a full fall season up north, i can see this type terrain here in many places, and thought this was a good image-fit for the art hop show

the weather here in burlington, is already moderating, vs “cooling” to around a hundred back in texas! so i look fwd to this new visual treat 😉


Rowing on Town Lake
Rowing on Town Lake, Original Painting Adan Lerma


“rowing on town lake” also has a bigger brother, though it is in storage in houston

this work is an earlier work than red bud trail, and is softer

i think i got better, in terms of physical representation, as i developed my impressionist style, the first few years after 2000, but i always still hunger back to the softness in this painting

a goal of mine is, to merge a more accurate representation, yet retain a sure softness…

one that now reflects a greater fondness in my heart for dear places 😉


Winter Morning, Zilker Park
Winter Morning, Zilker Park, Original Painting Adan Lerma


“winter morning, zilker park” is probably not much of a winter scene here in vermont 😉

in austin, though, it’s a welcome winter prototype from the year’s usual lengthy heat

but my still strong attachment to this painting is due to the combination of the rolling land and blending colors; the sun was shining as it does most the time, but more softly, casting accents of shadows that reach along the ground

“winter morning…” comes closer to my ideal above, of merging accuracy of depiction with softness

just beyond the small hill’s rise in zilker park, is barton springs, and all this is within site of the skyline of austin

both burlington and austin have kept the life of the land alive in the midst of many people

that’s an accomplishment!


View of the Capitol
View of the Capitol, Original Painting Adan Lerma


“view of the capitol”

i mentioned above how the land’s view in “winter morning, zilker park” is within view of austin’s skyline – if you follow the ridge to barton springs in that painting, and paddle north under barton springs rd bridge and the walking bridge that spans the banks, one can see the beginnings of the city’s center –

many would argue barton springs is austin’s true center; i couldn’t disagree with that 😉

in winter, when the thick foliage along the banks has died back, it’s possible to get a peek at the texas state capitol

the bldgs down the view of the waterway across town lake (the colorado river) are no longer visible, as new bldgs have been built near the north shore

it’s not often one can glimpse the capitol from the park, so that, and the colors of faint fall foliage, appeal to me


Off Hwy 71
Off Hwy 71, Original Painting Adan Lerma


“off hwy 71” is not a scene in austin, but about 3/4 ways to columbus

we liked traveling this route to houston to see family, as there’s sections of rolling hills, farms, lots of cows and haystacks

it’s a spring scene, around april, when the land is usually flush with abundance

i love the colors and chock fullness of flowers and old barn in the background

when i started this blog, i chose this image as my header for my page with information about the classes we teach, and when we moved to vermont, i didn’t spend much time wondering whether to keep the image –

it hasn’t skipped a beat in appropriateness 😉


Bryant Park NYC
Bryant Park NYC, Original Painting Adan Lerma


“bryant park” is also not a scene in austin, and is also one of the rare paintings i’ve done from an image i didn’t personally see and take with my camera –

my son had taken this image on a trip to manhattan, and it’s always appealed to me

nature with bits of bldgs showing through, as with some of the images above, is a favorite motif of mine

below is a photo in the same line of city hall park here in burlington


Burlington Vt City Hall Park
Burlington Vt City Hall Park, Original Photography Adan


Exhibit Location at Art Hop & thru September

my six small paintings are enjoying their art hop stay at champlain college’s new se campus miller campus location, 175 lakeside ave, here in burlington

faculty and students have their art exhibit on the first two floors, and quite a few art hop artists are on the top, third level

the facility is top notch, and the art work through-out the floors, is eclectic and interesting


my sincere thanks, both to the art hop folk at seaba for my placement, and to champlain college for providing such nice space for us to use


Sneak Peek – Art Hop Friday Night, 5-9 pm


along with my wife and her brother, i got myself down to champlain college’s miller campus around 7 last night to see the exhibit in place –

the images of my paintings above were taken last night –

the images below are a tease of the art scene in general last night 😉

next week i’ll post an extended view of this year’s Art Hop, hopefully with some video, stills, and (of course) commentary!


this afternoon sheila & i will return to the scene of the fun, taking the shuttles this time (vs a car), and see what we see

for those wondering if they should go, this festival seems hugely family friendly, with large groups of young-uns with their older folk, the little ones definitely appearing to be enjoy the evening 😉


Stills from Friday Evening’s Video

i wish i could’ve gotten shots of the art work as well, but this at least gives an idea of the atmosphere of going to see the artwork 😉


this is heading down pine street, down from the champlain college bldg where my above art work is showing


Arriving, Original Video Still Adan Lerma


this is across the street from the 1st still –

a uniformed officer was directing pedestrian crossing traffic, a very welcome touch…


Elsewhere on Arrival
Elsewhere on Arrival, Original Video Still Adan Lerma


these two guys were in one of many bldgs with art music and people!

if anyone knows their names, please let me know & i’ll update


btw, have i mentioned all this i’m showing is a free festival?

no charge for entering, visiting, enjoying!

nice, huh? 😉


Fun Music Duo
Fun Music Duo, Original Video Still Adan Lerma


this was back around a few other bldgs from the one we were in above

also “most” the places weren’t as dark as the image indicates, this is just a function of the inexpensive but very handy little polaroid digital camera i was using


Fun Music Group
Fun Music Group, Original Video Still Adan Lerma


people cars dogs and buses heading back 😉

saturday still awaits, with day and evening stuff


people were watching from lots of windows, lit into the dark like candles



we’ll probably only catch some of the mid afternoon stuff

maybe next year we’ll try and catch the “strut” fashion show & “after” party 😉


Headin' Home
Headin' Home, Original Video Still Adan Lerma


Final Thoughts on My Exhibited Art

Adan Lerma

i like these small paintings –

and the 8×10 and other nearby sizes seem to suit me

it’s not that i don’t also like working on larger pieces, but they require space and time

and small pieces seem to ask an intimacy of me, an opportunity to find the essence of what i see and what i feel as i’m seeing it

my larger work has at times it seems, become almost as grand as the dimensions

but the smaller pieces remain quiet, in the sense of their reach

they’re softer, like small poses within a larger pose in yoga

nuances that let a piece of me find itself and feel good

they’re small breaths of paint upon my canvas

happy, when the size constraints are…


namaste – con dios – god be with you

adan’s orignal paintings series

art hop, burlington vermont, sept 9-10 ’2011 – delivering my art



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