Art Hop, Burlington Vermont, Sept 9-10 ‘2011 – At the Festival

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art hop, burlington vermont, sept 9-10 ‘2011 – delivering my art



Art Hop, Burlington Vermont, Sept 9-10 ’2011 – Delivering My Art

Adan’s Original Paintings #’s 7-12 Plus 1st Review – at Art Hop, September 2011, Burlington Vt


Article Outline
Art Hop Friday Evening (Text)
Art Hop Saturday Day (Text)
Thoughts on Art Hop as a Festival
  • Disclaimer
  • Similarities & Differences to Other Arts Festivals I’ve Been To or Been In
  • Best Comparison for Me
  • What I Liked
  • Bottomline
  • Friday Evening
  • Lake Champlain Inlet at 377 Pine Street
Final Thoughts




Adan Lerma

art hop 2011 in burlington vermont lived up to its name – it was hopping!

at least when we were there 😉

we’d gone friday night around 7, and then saturday late afternoon at almost 4

a shuttle driver saturday told us we’d gotten there friday right when things got really going –

and that though there were fewer people there then, as we rode back from the festival sat, it was already picking up for the two “strut” fashion shows that night, plus seven days was having their birthday party after the shows at 10 that night

sheila & i have a vow to “see” if we can plan it to go saturday night next year; we’ll have to see how our old bones do 😉


Art Hop Friday Evening (Text)

friday evening, for us, was the more energetic of the two times we attended art hop

last year, when we’d visited vermont, before we moved here this june, we’d gone in mid afternoon, and the festival was packed and great fun, but we wanted to experience what a spread out art festival over several near-by areas of town would be like at night

it was a great choice, the weather was clear, cool (by texas standards 😉 ) , and people were out enjoying with kids and pets in tow

the short video i show later in the article will give a sense of this best i think

people seemed respectful of maneuvering around each other, cars, doorways, and many many stairways into the old converted brick and stone warehouses

the art was eclectic, well hung, well lit, and interesting –

landscapes of local interest, vermont in general were popular, probably the most represented i think, and in many varied styles : sketchy, detailed, fuzzy, abstracted, soft, focussed – all styles

a few people had postcards and notecards of their work made out, and i wish there’d been more of that, but that can get pricey for the artist

we’d walked to the main section of pine street from the lake champlain college miller campus where my art is hung, and people seemed to be able to get from one area to the other pretty easily by walking, and shuttles ran frequently enough it seemed

my favorite thing about attending an outdoor/indoor art festival at night though, is the way the lights stand out from the dark, the way music from all corners in all styles would drift out toward us as we walked along, and the movement of the people through and among all the these lights and sounds –

the near-full moon added a big special effect 😉

my review of my art work and friday night posted earlier has lots of video stills from the video below which i think captures the feel of the night for me

all in all, fun, nice, and let’s do it again!


Art Hop Saturday Day (Text)

Sheila Sat pm at Art Hop 2011
Sheila Sat pm at Art Hop 2011

as happens at times, we’d intended to go mid afternoon to saturday’s festival, but weren’t able to get there til around 4

i’ve done enough festivals and shows since the early 80’s, i could feel and see the tell-tell signs of people anxious to wrap things up – glancing at watches, the sky, boxes being discretely pulled out for loading, that sort of thing

i’ve also done enough events to see that the folk ready to pack up were just ready to get going, and not anxious to “get away” from a bad show

also, there was an undercurrent of growing energy, especially as we got nearer and past 5

because there were to be two fashion shows behind the maltex building, a giant old bldg that’s been redone and where lots of art covers the walls of the many floors, people were arriving for the evening’s events

plus seven days, an online and weekly hard copy news outfit that strongly reminded me of our missed austin chronicle back in texas, had a free birthday party for itself scheduled at 10 after the fashion shows

attending the fashion show & party is something i definitely want to be able to do next year

as the separate video for saturday below shows, the activity was much more muted than the night before, but we did go in the in-between hour 😉

earlier, we’d seen huge crowds of folk heading down college st toward town and, i assume, art hop; and as i’ve mentioned, people were starting to arrive at 5, looking around with that look of expectation of getting ready for a good time 😉

sheila & i were able to walk the floors of the maltex bldg and see the art more leisurely

we also were able to walk off pine street where myers bagels is, one of our favorite local bagel and coffee spots, down to the edge of the water where lake champlain begins

the video narration i made shows how pretty and close nature is here…

all in all, our short afternoon excursion to art hop was worth it too


Thoughts on Art Hop as a Festival


comparing an “art” festival to other festivals i’ve either been in or been to, can be tricky, so please keep in mind, these are personal comparisons, though i can say up front, my own experience is extremely favorable so far regarding my feelings about Art Hop here in burlington

Similarities & Differences to Other Arts Festivals I’ve Been To or Been In

is art hop the art event that art expo in nyc‘s been? of course not but one can’t go outside the javits center and walk down to a view like that of lake champlain

is art hop mad art selling event of the old westheimer art festivals of the 80’s in houston? doesn’t seem to be, but one doesn’t need to carry a portable ac unit in early sept to go to art hop and enjoy the outdoor fun

does art hop have the exhibitor-numbers spread of houston’s international festival? no, but for such an eclectic mix of folk, at a fraction of the price, art hop seems a fair enough trade-off

how does art hop compare to a 1 1/2 day event like austin’s first night, beginning of each year that goes to midnight new year’s eve? well, now comparisons are getting closer –

art goes down congress ave from nearly the capitol to the river, with folks riding across the bridges to art venues on both sides of the colorado river, aka lady bird lake, ie, nature is nearby and visible and almost part of the show

the weather on new year’s in austin is often similar to what i’ve seen the last two years here in burlington 😉

eclectic in terms of attendees, the art, and music “happenings” is more the standard than an exception

though, with almost 10x burlington’s metro population, austin should be comparable to burlington’s art hop – that there’s a positive comparability at all in my mind, is more to the plus about art hop than anything else!

besides, with austin’s first night now cancelled, burlington has sole bragging rights i think 😉

but what about austin’s sxsw, south by southwest, music festival – nope, this is a music festival, of epic continuous proportions, and doesn’t count!

and what about compared to art events say, in new orleans, down in the french quarter? ok, i’ll have to pass on this one, who can remember much from those events 😉


Best Comparison for Me

[ 091711 – please note: this section was inadvertently left out when this article was posted 091511, and was intended to be included, my apologies for any inconvenience ]

but there is one festival that most reminds me of art hop, the east austin studio tour, “east”

not a perfect comparison, as east is an eclectic collection of individual galleries and artist studios, but the fact i need to descriptively include “eclectic” begins to set the similarities

their website has this description :

The East Austin Studio Tour is a self-guided tour and celebration of east Austin’s creative culture! The 2011 East Austin Studio Tour will be a free nine day event, spanning across two weekends. From November 12 – 20, experience the vibrant energy of east Austin by exploring the work of hundreds of artists in their studios, gallery spaces and a number of exciting art events.

art hop is also self guided, also free, but more importantly, fills spaces in an area of town normally less frequented by people from other areas of town

in addition to gallery spaces, warehouses and myriad hallways are used –

different areas of the general neighborhood area need to be traveled or shuttled or walked to –

there’s an open standard with no jurying, encouraging whatever eclectic mix there is to “show up” –

there’s an entrepreneurial spirit in many spaces, allowing the hunger of the artist to share, to sell, to greet, and to experience, to come out off the canvas and onto the orb of other people –

and there’s an exposure of a neglected or ignored or less-well-known part of town to be visited and enjoyed, celebrated really, that wouldn’t happen as broadly, without the festival

those similarities of art hop to east, are among the many reasons i like and can heartily recommend art hop, but below are even more reasons! 😉


What I Liked

fact is, like all art events, art hop is unique in what it offers

what else do i like? plenty –

  • reasonable cost
  • great attendance
  • multiple days of festival
  • month long showing of artists’ work
  • much music
  • typically great weather
  • easy to get around
  • good shuttle service
  • eclectic attendance
  • fashion show
  • energy energy energy
  • proximity to nature
  • interesting people watching
  • quality variety of art
  • the people
  • the music
  • the art



bottomline, the fact i can even contemplate how art hop stacks up to some of the art events i’ve either attended or showed in, is a testament to what art hop is –

a grand down-to-earth fully-fun accessible music-laced affordable art show…

hope i get to enjoy another one 😉



Friday Evening

this was a fun evening 😉

for more on this, see my article, adan’s original paintings #’s 7-12 plus 1st review – at Art Hop, september 2011, burlington vt



Lake Champlain Inlet at 377 Pine Street


this is a video still from a short clip not included in the video above

Sheila at Lake Champlain inlet near Art Hop 2011
Sheila at Lake Champlain inlet near Art Hop 2011

Final Thoughts

either burlington is blessed to have art hop, or art hop is blessed to be in burlington 😉

in a yogic world, mine at least 😉 both good things are usually true…

namaste – con dios – god be with you

original paintings category

art hop, burlington vermont, sept 9-10 ’2011 – delivering my art

adan’s original paintings #’s 7-12 plus 1st review – at Art Hop, september 2011, burlington vt



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