Press Release – “101 Sports Poems Vol 3 – Golf * Tennis * Bowling * Sky-Diving * Equestrian”

Adan LermaPress Release : “101 Sports Poems Series Vol 3 – Golf Tennis Bowling Sky Diving Equestrian” from Felipe Adan Lerma; A self-published press release announcing third of nine mini-collections of original sports poems.

“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”


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Please note:
This release had been taken private, and is re-released today (112213)
with an expanded re-release of Volumes 1-5 of the “101 Sports Poems” series, with minor updates.




November 15, 2011, Burlington, Vermont

Golf * Hole in One * Weekend Golfer * The Bowler

Bowling * Bowling All Night * Bowling League * Tennis

Tennis Player * Sky Diver * Horse Rider * Show Horse

Twelve original sports poems are contained in Adan Lerma’s latest ebook, “101 Sports Poems, Vol 3 – Golf Tennis Bowling Sky Diving Equestrian.”

"101 Sports Poems Vol 3 - Golf Tennis Bowling Sky Diving Equestrian"

Nine volumes total are scheduled for completion and epublication.  When finished, a full edition with all 101 poems will be available.

As with Adan’s previous ebooks, a mixture of Adan’s original work from within the past 30 years is blended with newer creative projects.

Each of the nine editions of “101 Sports Poems” presents a collection of ten or more original sports poems, plus individual personalizing templates for each poem.

Additionally, each volume contains one of nine Creative Poetry Writing Projects, all of which will also be available in the full edition, after all nine volumes are complete.

Creative writing projects in each ebook will use a poem from that edition, to provide a framework from which to guide a person to create and write their own poetry.

When asked why this format for each of his sports poetry ebooks, Adan explained he felt this would provide the most value to most readers and lovers of sports and poetry.

“If you like to just read, or you’d like to have a personalizing template-ready sports poem for a gift, or maybe like to have the chance to create your own original poetry, all in one place, I believe the series of poems of ‘101 Sports Poems’ is a unique easy way to enjoy being able to do that.”

Ample commentary is provided about the enclosed sports poems as a whole, and a substantial Resources section provides links to many articles and sites of related dance, yoga, sports, and other interests.

More information about Adan, including his studies and degrees, can be found on his website’s About page.  Adan’s eBooks available editions are listed on his Authors Page.  A history of Adan’s writings since the 70s in posted on his website.

“101 Sports Poems” is Adan’s third eBook project, and the first available in mini specialized subject topics.

“101 Sports Poems, Vol 3 – Golf Tennis Bowling Sky Diving Equestrian,” is the third of these specialized topic subjects. Future editions will continue with a mix of various related subject topics within each edition.


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Contact :

Adan Lerma

yoga dot adan at gmail dot com

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The press release below has been prepared and posted by Yoga-Adan, and has not been issued through another source at this time.

Please feel free to share this press release.

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Press Release: “101 Sports Poems Series Vol 3 – Golf Tennis Bowling Sky Diving Equestrian”

Volume Three of nine mini-sports-poetry collections from Felipe Adan Lerma.  When completed, a full edition with all the poems in all nine volumes will be available.


Final Thoughts

posting my own press release for some of the many exciting projects i’m working on has been a goal of mine for awhile, so i am happy to present my first in-house press release! 😉

the company i’ve used since 2008, webwire, has done an excellent job, and i intend to still use them for larger more comprehensive releases

thank you much!

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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