Playfulness in an Ageless Christmas – Original Inspirational Poetry

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Playfulness in an Ageless Christmas – Original Inspirational Poetry.  Also linked to dVersepoet’s dVerse Christmas poem under the tree posting.


“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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playfulness in an ageless christmas – original inspirational poetry


if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –



it’s hard to imagine christmas without a vision of a child…

and it’s almost impossible for me to see a child without seeing its playfulness –

and i cannot believe that i, myself, looking back on my own memories of myself, and seeing all the new children bounding now about, that i no longer have that playfulness within me, even if somewhat changed 😉

i’ve begun to think that, it is the “perceived” loss of our own playfulness, that leads to the two paths of thought i’ve written about, below the poem : celebrity worship, and the younger/older is-wiser side-road


Playfulness in an Ageless Christmas

when we were children

sparkles lit upon

all we’d


our supple bones

soft-headed fast-growing

gave a playfulness to our lives

bouncing! eager –


toy to toy – joy to joy!

life’s promise


fragrant teas and herbs from

within our hearts

our minds at one with what we felt

and now..that we are older

and our winters have


forgotten how long the springs

remain so fertile within us

our bones

now hard-headed slow-growing

less supple



give a our play

we know

we will smile again and taste

the simple fun of finding

there is always



being born

bearing bones of cartilage

and eager to find the feeling of finding


with someone just like us.

© 2011 adam light creations / adan lerma


Ben Stein

a friend of ours in san antonio, who we met when we lived in galveston, sent me an email ecstatic about something ben stein had said…

i couldn’t find the email, which i’m sure i’ve labeled and stored somewhere safe 😉 but a google search found me numerous references to his christmas thoughts

there were several, all good, but evidently it was one he said a few years ago on the cbs sunday morning show, that our friend in san antonio sent us

one of my favorite lines in that piece is,

“where did the idea come from that we should worship celebrities and we aren’t allowed to worship God as we understand Him?”


only thing i’d disagree with him on, is, “I guess that’s a sign that I’m getting old…” –

something some of my fellow old(er) friends are too quick to agree with at times, i think

and, in context, is actually kinda funny when ben stein said it, but…

it’s obvious, from the idealism i grew up with in the 60s, and the idealism we see now in the “occupied” camps around the world, (and disregarding the merits of the idealism in each instance) that celebrity worship, in financial circles as much as in the entertainment world, is not something repellent to the older crowd alone…

playfulness, in the sense of give and take, might here be useful for all of us



and to be fair, celebrity worship is equally rampant within the yogic community

not too surprising, since yoga, despite claims to the contrary, is still a human attempt to attempt the impossible but necessary –

to make sense of our selves and the world we live in –

…whether 5000 years ago, during british imperialism, or in a modern yoga studio complete with organic mats, certified music, imported incense, and buy-local water and snacks


Final Thoughts

this “thinking” then that a view is held or not held because we are older, or because we aren’t older, is simply the same view chasing itself across our years –

it is a celebrity worship of our own years alone…

time is playing with us, teasing us


thus, as in this poem, the child is born aching for reciprocal play from those older than itself, and those of us now older, yearn with gratitude of remembrance and welcome, at the sight of (most) little ones 😉

the spirit of christmas is ageless –

a timeless, giving spirit –

carrying its playfulness to us….

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


this poem is also linked to dVersepoet’s dVerse Christmas poem under the tree prompt.


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  1. christmas transcends the ages…i live it through the joy in my kids and one day my grands you know…keeping me young….very cool write man…i hope that you have a very merry christmas!


    • thanks brian, yea, those little ones can keep us young (even when wearing us out!) 😉 i can feel my eyes shine just thinking of them 😉 have a great christmas, heading out to my wife’s family now, take care


  2. the line which spoke most to me was…our minds at one with what we felt… i think you are right – if we’re not careful we lose this when we grow up and partly it’s because we’re reasonable and “wise” and talk it away…for me poetry is one way to re-connect again..and ahh…it’s a good thing – merry christmas to you


    • i agree, poetry is one of the great ways to re-connect again

      eventually, i want to combine teaching yoga (gentle style) with poetry; a few yoga teachers around the country are already experimenting with that, i think it’d be fun to try

      the thing i harp most about in my yoga circles, is the idea of the mind and heart joined, not one over the other

      thanks so much for noticing that line, merry christmas claudia 😉


  3. Christmas always bring out the child in me, as I will always remember my childhood. Now as a mom, I enjoy seeing my children eyes light up during Christmas Eve.

    “the spirit of christmas is ageless –

    a timeless, giving spirit -”

    I see that you have an e-book at the sidebar…will check it out ~



    • hi heaven 😉 what a great way to great someone 😉

      yes, children, and now grandchildren, for us, it’s what the word amazing is about!

      and yes, please do check out the ebooks, the top listed one is available free via google books and smashwords, with amazon probably matching the price soon

      thanks for stopping by & letting me, best wishes, happy holidays 😉



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