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New Beginnings – Bookmarks in a Larger Book : Original Inspirational Poetry for New Years Day.  Also linked in response to dVersepoets.com site’s new year’s post, “poetics – endings & beginnings”


“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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new beginnings – bookmarks in a larger book : original inspirational poetry


if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –



happy new year everyone!

the idea of the poems is, yes, new years is a new beginning, but also has continuity

there seemed, all of a sudden, so many ways i could express this, but they each led to differing modes of image-expression and line-usage, and i had to make a choice

kinda like at new years 😉

here’s wishing all the best to all of us!


New Beginnings – Bookmarks in a Larger Book


when i get things right

the first time


retries or second third guessing

gestated full-winged, sharp-eyed, tuned

to the world – ready for flight

allowing me to move on

new years day

is like that

no retries or second guessing

it’s a new year’s new day

even in

mid sentence mid


mid breathe

it’s new

we’ve made it official

the corner page has been curled and pressed, marked

the ereader’s red bookmark has been selected

the gifted favored bookmark found special

among other choices left unchosen

makes it most official

within the flow of the fuller life, the larger book

this page in our stories, is a new beginning

done right, the first time, the first day

i’ve begun anew


i can love that

© 2011 adam light creations / adan lerma


Joe Konrath, Resolutions for Writers 2006-2012

whether you’re interested in writing, or the sudden evolution into ebooks with ereaders the last few years, this is fascinating reading from a writer’s writer

“Every December I do a post about resolutions for writers, and every year I add more of them” begins this years new years resolution post from joe konrath

joe is a self-described genre fiction writer

the resolutions posted, from 2006 through the newest one for 2012, are as enthralling as a work of fiction, yet totally true “and” provide a blow-by-blow historical account of the changes in the publishing industry, from a writer’s pov


dVersepoets New Year’s Post, “Poetics – Endings & EBeginnings”

thought i should be used to it by now, i continue to be amazed at the quality of essay prefacing the prompt for a particular theme created by a working poet from dversepoets

from the essay, by Mark Kerstetter

“Do you, at the end of the year, think about the past or the future?…Perhaps…the present moment is all that we ever have, and it is the poet’s province to memorialize this place: always here, and always unique…we walk forward with eyes in the backs of our heads….”

included in the essay is a beauty of a photo, a poem from conrad aiken, and a youtube audio with the vinyl cover of a young sinatra (as if frank was ever old 😉 )



so many times i forget, that all my turns and twists and new beginnings, no matter how disparate, end up linked chapters in the larger book that’s my life

everything i’ve done colors everything i think and feel, the mix and mixes mixing like air currents finding where their boundaries dissolve and blend merging into something new, for another while

i find that kinda comforting, though i thought, when first thinking this, i wouldn’t

that i’d resent the losing of the moment remembered –

my moments are still moments, i realize, they just keep connecting to other moments, making up the larger moment that’s the living of my life

i wonder, if that’s, sorta at least, how my one life, becomes one…


Final Thoughts

happy new years everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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    • sounds right to me 😉 plus very glad to have come across you guys at dversepoets

      i’m on slight overload from committing to organize and format ’bout twenty years of poetry (to start) into ebooks; i’ve made great progress, but still a bit to go, so very grateful to have the chance here and there to participate with the prompts etc

      at some point i’ll have caught things up todate into the modern digital world 😉 and hopefully have the time to more so enjoy visiting other’s sites, glad to know ya’ll are around 😉

      thanks mark, really nice essay / prompt


  1. nice…we can view moments and years as huge but you make them small one page in the overall story…i like that…they matter surely but there are plenty of other stories to tell…happy new year man….


    • that’s a wonderful way of expressing it brian, “they matter surely but there are plenty of other stories to tell” –

      happy new years to you & your family, all the best for ya’ll 😉


    • you too claudia, it’s been a pleasure having you stop by; i hope 2012 will give us all more and more chances to see each and enjoy each others’ work 😉

      yea, i hadn’t even really thought about new years being like a page within a larger book til this year, always had been a clean pure new start, a stand alone; it just took me awhile to see it different, like over 61 years!

      happy new year claudia 😉


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