dVersePoet Prompt : OpenLinkNight – Week 25, Did Someone Mention Charles Bukowski?

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New Beginnings – dVersePoet Prompt : OpenLinkNight – Week 25, Did Someone Mention Charles Bukowski?


“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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dVersePoet Prompt : OpenLinkNight – Week 25, Did Someone Mention Charles Bukowski?


if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


Intro, Charles Bukowski, and Me

the guys and gals over at dversepoets have these open mike invitations, where one can create poems to particular prompts or themes

i’ve tried my hand with a few and like their essay-prefaced prompt calls

this particular invite is an open link night, so anything goes (i think) 😉

brian, who helps run (runs?) the site, wrote the post-new-year new year’s post, and included a quote from charles bukowski

so i took my cue from that inclusion and did my best hispanic-american young-senior mostly-mild-life impression of who, if you’ve read anything of bukowski’s, was probably closer to what my initial immigrant ancestors’ lives were like, rough ready persistent and, eventually,  would’ve been eminently readable

and for those who do know charles bukowski’s readings, no this is nowhere near, close to, or pretending-ly as “authentic-rough” as he was 😉

this is just me playing him on the internet –

on a blog 😉


brian leaves a much better “taste” of bukowski on his site 😉 with his poem



Homage to Charles Bukowski

On the Third Day of a New Year

I sat on the glass

of opportunity

til it cracked.

I didn’t want

a glass of it

to spill & stain

my chest.

I don’t want to

sip & think fine


I wanna

guzzle the mouth of

steins set like barrels.

Those aren’t opportunities.

That’s life.

Now buy me a drink.

© 2012 adam light creations / adan lerma



so much emphasis in yoga is on oneness, i sometimes forget that inclusiveness must not only recognize variety and diversity, but celebrate it

though, in all honesty, i only forget, i feel, for moments 😉

the teeming-ness of life in our what-seems so homogenous increasingly-global lives, is an easy reminder…

try getting all your friends or family, or your social-media circle of friends to “really” agree on something, you’ll see what i mean (as if you don’t know this already!)

diversity, i believe, in our oneness, is part of what drove charles bukowski

he couldn’t live otherwise than how he was –

yet, it seems to me, he not so much wanted “in” – as felt he already was in –

and why didn’t other people see that 😉

that’s the way i think we are today in our world today –

we’re already one, but don’t always believe it…


Final Thoughts

happy  new new-year’s day-3 everyone!

soon we’ll be one week in, and no going back 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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    • thanks sheila, glad to have found ya’ll

      saw your new year’s prompt poem, nice! esp liked,

      “blindness except

      for the moonlit, glistening molecules
      of you trailing behind me”

      what an image! thanks 😉


    • thanks heaven 😉 bukowski invokes that attitude straight on, it seems

      your “song of parting” btw, really is more a song than a lament, and that’s a great attitude 😉


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