So You Wanna Be In An eBook? An Offer From Curvy Yoga’s Anna Guest-Jelley

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Read below for a free new upcoming ebook you can contribute to, at Curvy Yoga!


“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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so you wanna be in an ebook? an offer from curvy yoga’s anna guest-jelley



Opps, Again

this is the second time i’ve let a post go out before putting in my finished post

so for those who came to a template, or the removed-from-view page, my sincere apologies

not that i don’t have lots and lots of excuses, and even some explanations! but none are life threatening nor permanently disrupting, so, i’ll get back to the intended post 😉


Curvy Yoga Intro

i came across anna’s call for articles for a new ebook a few weeks ago, and the deadline is now approaching : february 14th, valentines, and my wife’s birthday!

so even the deadline-details practically demand i share this info 😉

anna guest-jelley has the well-regarded site, curvyyoga, and has been posting relevant important posts on yoga, self-image, and gentle self-acceptance for a good while


Curvy Yoga Site

anna’s site says, the curvy yoga site is “for people who want to live the lives they imagine, today. Who don’t want to wait until they’re flexible, skinny, have enough money, etc. to start treating themselves well…”

her site includes an impressive and welcome list of resources, such as video, podcasts, and written instructions for poses, including information on modifications

also included on her resource page, is a list of teachers for curvy bodies

so what does a curvy yoga look like?

take a look –

impressive huh?


afaa, in the studies my valentine-wife-baby and i both did, brought us issues to be aware of that sound simple enough, but that without pausing, i had just not thought of

a large mass is slower to get going, and gathers more power and speed once in motion, and therefore, needs awareness and caution regarding range of motion and in coming to rest or reversing directions

there are modifications available for movements that allow a more comfortable and productive reaching and lunging and bending

many of these modifications are also valid for almost anyone who is not in top shape, hasn’t warmed up properly, isn’t limber, has had an injury or illness, is elderly, or simply de-conditioned – i know i’ve been the latter more times than i wanna be again 😉

and beyond the physical, there is of course so much more –

anna’s site addresses these also…


The Invitation from Curvy Yoga

from anna’s site :


So here’s my proposal, and I really (really, really!) hope you’re in: I’m going to curate a book of curvy yogi stories from around the world, and I want you to be part of it! I will accept submissions for six weeks and then will put it together in a beautiful, downloadable, free(!) eBook to share far and wide.

there’s much more details on her page about the new ebook, and a way to contact curvy yoga if you have more questions


so, if you’ve been wanting to get in on the ebook revolution, have something to say (who doesn’t 😉 ), need to share, and wanna stay in the loop for a free ebook, you gotta consider this 😉

as mentioned before, the deadline is valentines!


Great Sample Article on Curvy Yoga Site

i should add that one of my favorite meaningful articles about yoga, is from anna’s site, from last summer, “Shame-Free Yoga: Yoga for Your Body

i still think about this article, and part of anna’s response to my own comment at the time, the “inclusiveness” of the article

the issues that affect a curvy person are similar to that affecting anyone wanting to regain their health and self-esteem

yes, there are differences, distinctions, things that won’t apply –

yet the similarities, i believe, are worth being aware of…



even from way back, as i would struggle from being fairly fit, to falling off the health-wagon, to working my way back again, sometimes with more mental and emotional weight than physical weight, i couldn’t understand why some people made fun of those who were actually out on the track or jogging trail, and now-a-days on the mat, trying

“most” of why, it seems, is lack of understanding –

this call for contributions for people to submit to what will be a free downloadable ebook, is a chance to not only share, but fill in and replace some of the normal mis-understanding and fear we all sometimes have, towards others, and ourselves…


Contribute to a Book About Curvy Yogis!


Nice Thing ‘Bout Getting Old(er)

nice thing ’bout getting old(er)” is a free ebook, of over a dozen postings from my blog here, organized into information i’ve been learning about aging, fitness, yoga, and creativity…

it’s meant to be referred to, and read here and there, nibbled at –

although the poems can be read straight through 😉


Final Thoughts

Adan Lerma

awareness, my favorite gift from yoga so far, has been the key for me

and remembering, it really is a process 😉

namaste´ – con dios – god be with you



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