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“The Object Is…” : Original poetry, linked in response to site’s prompt post, “The Object is Poetics.”


“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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the object is… : original poetry

if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


The Prompt, “The Object is Poetics,” from dVersepoets

prompt introduced by mark kerstetter

“This week’s task is to focus on an object in your environment, preferably an object from the natural world, to really examine it, to try and see it with utmost clarity, and to wait for the word, that first word or phrase that seems to capture, for you, the essence, in language, of that object. Then use that word or phrase to construct a poem that gives a voice to that thing.”

the article has several pen and ink like illustrations visualizing the idea

plus prose poetry examples are nicely provided, including excerpts and links for more by the french writer francis ponce

it’s very much like what i try to do in “parts” of my little series writings on waking and my daily gratitude musings

my own slant, thinking about this because of the prompt, is i see that idea, yes, i really like doing this sort of thing, finding the words to “voice” an object, but i also wish to then float that voice and see what else it calls from me, what connections of any kind, feelings, thoughts, memories –

sometimes there’s much, sometimes just a tidbit…

but that’s how everyday life is anyways 😉


The Object Is…

not shaving for a day or two too


isn’t in my best interests,

when i’m interested –

thick white hairs are rapidly

crowding their younger darker heirs

at times one thick bright stump out alone

along the olive skin waiting like crop rotation

nearby three thin wires each a differing shade of

unshaven, cluster inside a pore patiently paring bets

to see

who will survive –

tilling the hairs with thin steel blades

in the direction they tend to grow

means more hairs escape

the cut

but so does a skin beginning to burn

less pimpled now at sixty

more skimpy in


to heal

i’d think the bristly beard hairs


my prissy aging ancient skin

would compromise

they don’t, so

i do it for them

shave only when i have to, once

every few days, morphing me

from satin saint to prickly

pear bear man every

few days –

my man’s face is a seasons of its own

it seems

in just the time it takes to view a few looks

in the morning mirror

© 2012 adam light creations / adan lerma



so much is said in yoga of the objects in our lives, including our thoughts and emotions, as being something to just let slide by, unvalued as “lasting” –

though it certainly wouldn’t be prudent to remain obsessed with a thought or feeling to the point of incapacity, i’ve never thought it was possible we would only be on this earth to simply endure being here…

it makes more sense to me that, whatever we can infuse with consciousness, much like the poetry prompt exercise from dversepoets, gains from our existence –

and we in turn, absorbing an objects own inherent essence, allows us to likewise be infused…

my guess is :

our connectedness is, and our awareness is becoming 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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  1. nice i really like this…thank every man could tell his own beard- and shaving story…but regarding shaving…we women had to share some stories as well when we’d talk to our legs..smiles


  2. I like your orientation to the things of the world: to stream into them and let them stream into you. And your take on the prompt is unique and very enjoyable. Sometimes I almost see my face too as a thing apart, with a life of its own. Other times it waves to the world, reflecting my state of mind (soul?) without my conscious regard. I know this when people quote my expressions back to me. Thanks for your thoughtful response.


    • i think your comment to me merits the “thoughtful” rubric more than mine!

      “sometimes..m face..a thing apart..other times..waves to the world, reflecting…” –

      that’s us! in and of this world, yet of and beyond this world 😉

      very glad you enjoyed my take on the prompt, thanks mark


  3. I hate shaving and have compromised with a somewhat manicured beard. You’ve done great job of looking close at the human fight with mortality, being open as were to things beyond our control. Told with a lovely humor but deep sense of awareness, your words make me look more kindly on my daily, sometimes, routine.


    • thank you charles, i’ve seen some great mani&semi-cured beards i wish i could grow (but the rest of my face wouldn’t match up with brad pitt & his great goatee 😉 )

      i appreciate your observance of my attempt at a mild humor, and if you can look at your daily stuff more kindly, it reminds me again to do the same, thank so much 😉


  4. i like your philosophy…giving conciousness…there at the end…as for my beard it grows pretty quick of course i only shave me neck…the rest letting grow…nice approach on this sir…


    • thank you 😉

      i used to let my beard grow pretty thick for the winters, but too many of my hairs curl and grow into the skin after while, so, not much choice anymore, i go as long as i can before it starts bothering me 😉


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