The Indie Spotlight : “Poems for Lovers Loving & Being Loved” – for Valentines & Everyday

Cover for "Poems for Lovers Loving & Being Loved" by Felipe Adan Lerma***

The Indie Spotlight Feature : “Poems for Lovers Loving & Being Loved” by Felipe Adan Lerma.  A Valentines Day ebook choice.

“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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my collection of love poems “poems for lovers loving & being loved” is being featured by “the indie spotlight” whose motto is :

The Indie Spotlight – Where the Independent Author Shines

what the indie spotlight offers, is a chance to have one’s independent self-published work more widely presented, especially to the growing number of people with ereaders, such as the kindle and nook among others

Cover for "Poems for Lovers Loving & Being Loved" by Felipe Adan Lermaa variety of in-depth questions were presented to help the reader know the writer and the work presented a bit better

i figured with valentines day coming up, “poems for lovers loving & being loved,” among more than a dozen i’ve epublished so far, was the perfect choice

indie spotlight’s submission page provides a downloadable questionnaire, and that can be submitted to one of the founders, gregory bernard banks, a published writer and graphic artist

if you are an “indie” writer, i’d highly recommend this opportunity; it is free, easy, makes one think about one’s work a little more broadly, and is potentially good pr



i think my ending “yoga” segment in my writings is replacing my previous “final thoughts” section

change is about adapting and enhancing, at least for us, people 😉

even if the universe is random, which i lean toward doubting it is, maybe it’s our job, as people, to invest it with some purpose!

and if love is the driving force of our universe, as many believe, maybe our awareness of it, and infusion of that love, into our daily lives, is that purpose –

if nothing else, it sounds and feels good 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


Also Available at Amazon Books

A Month of Mornings Vol 1

Everyday Gratitude Vol 1

Everyday Inspirations - PhotoPoems Vol 1

12 Stages of Loving - Infancy to Infinity, Prose Poems

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