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New Work?

I begin my new emphasis (series of posts) of newly available work, with an old selection.

Redone to new though. 😉  And very pleasantly charmingly so.

Poems for Lovers, Loving, & Being Loved has just this past week been released in AudioBook form, available from iTunes, Audible, and Amazon.

Narrated by Tiffany Bacon, my wife and I’s originating enthusiasm of what we felt when we wrote these poems, dating from the early 90s, just got a re-awakening.

Refreshed and even slightly re-interpreted (to our delight), Tiffany has infused our words and internally known feelings, into words worth hearing aloud.

From sensitive renditions, to touching moments, to outright humor, she delivers what I can only honestly call, a truly heart-felt performance.

Above, in the links of Related Articles, are some of the poems in the book, such as “Grandma.”  And below, one of the few, but very smile-to-my-face humorous selections, “Cow ‘Bout It.”

Grandma” has always been a favorite among folk who have read it, and Tiffany’s interpretation takes it to the heart.

“Cow “Bout It” (below) has always been one of my secret favorites.  Partly because of its rare humor, and partly because I wondered how funny it really was.  I don’t wonder anymore.  At least when I hear it read by Tiffany. 😉

I hope you’ll go and listen to a sample, thank you much!



Sample : Cow ‘Bout It


Cow ‘Bout it

 Mr. Moo, taken aback by

the large batting eyes

of the future

Mrs. Moo,

squirmed on his stool

like a black and white fool.

Til, with just a touch of

a stomp of her tiny

clean hoof, the


Minnie Moo

whispered to the

still stunned Mr. Moo,

“Well.  Cow ‘bout it?”

© 1994-2011 adam light creations / adan & sheila lerma


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