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“And The Idea Is…” : Original philosophical poetry, linked in response to dVersepoets.com site’s prompt post, “Poetics: Poetry and Philosophy.”


“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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and the idea is… : original philosophical poetry

a “journey of thought”

subtitle inspired by comment from susie clevenger


if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


The Prompt, “Poetics: Poetry & Philosophy,” from dVersepoets

charles miller, the host for this particular prompt at dversepoets, writes, in my view, a super interesting essay-intro into the how and why of poetry and philosophy

included, are these two tidbits,

“Since Plato, poets have used philosophy for both inspiration as well as a greater and deeper awareness of reality. From  Lucretius (Democritus) and Dante (Aquinas) to Borges (Schopenhauer), Stevens (Bergson), and Eliot (Hegel), poets have sought and found inspiration in the rational explanation of reality provided by philosophy.”


“Poets express the reality of the world in its emotional grip of the soul; thought in the form of an ecstatic awareness of ourselves in the world, so to speak.”


so i in turn wrote the rambler fun poem below 😉

and feel i’ve paraphrased the last sentence into, “thought in the form of an ecstatic awareness of ourselves within ourselves within ‘a’ world, and so must speak….”

couldn’t have said it without charles’ essay prompt!


And The Idea Is…

a priori

of course

is the route that


yet ends

with questions


did i not exist before i believed

i thought i heard a sound

within my heart?


am i said and thought

i felt i’d said



my marriage


my tested thought


survivor’s sentiment


i am



i repeated


will life have lifted me from clay and dirt

and recycled litter, merely to place me

back on the heap to be another’s

treasure, myself now junk


do we raise a consciousness in ourselves and thus

all others

and thus all things

and then back into the universe

the expanding big bang cosmos coming

out to play among the dark with self made stars

and spirals that smile when called by their maiden

name, galaxy…


just to one day unseen it’s too far we’re too small

re-contract into the primal black hole of a new

unscheduled big bang breathe


are we but a breathe in time’s wheezy ways

of wishing walls were wet with tiny

spring time buds that birds

in bands break into the

seeds we think are


but feel

are more…


do we really stop

when we are



merely wake to choose


if to join the dance of tag


a priori…

© 2012 adam light creations / adan lerma



these are the fun stuff to do when i don’t really know, play the possibilities…

play my heart’s edge 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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  1. I enjoyed your journey of thought…I seem to have a universe of questions inside me.. “do we really stop when we are buried or merely wake to choose again” I wonder. When I was a child I would lie awake and wonder what it would be like to die…to not have another thought…or would I continue on and know I had passed…deep thoughts for a child. 🙂


    • “very” deep thoughts for a child, you must’ve been, and stayed, in touch with much even then 😉

      thank you so much for your poem-response, my “journey of thought” – i should sub-title it with that, if i do, i’ll give you credit for it, love that 😉

      i’ve tried to imagine not being anymore after death, and haven’t been able to, cause i always “wake” back to life, but it’s either not true there’s nothing after, or just an impossibility while one is alive

      but nature wastes little, if anything, and, to paraphrase the old saying about a mind, a consciousness would be a terrible thing to waste

      thanks again susie 😉


  2. This a wonderful series of reflections on the meaning of a priori. I like the way you weave together personal and cosmic. Thete are images of the buds in spring that I found simply beautifully said. Your questions are sometimes not so much questions as statements evoking a deeper awareness of things and inviting the reader to share that awareness with you. Many think of the a priori as the given, an absolute giving meaning to all that we can know. In this, you seem to agree, but there’s a gentle awareness of temporality in your words that leads me to ask whether the a priori is so unconditioned as it is commonly believed and is not, rather, a work in progress, as we ourselves are.


    • charles, thanks so much for such a thoughtful comment

      yes, you got me 😉 those questions were more like stmts, and yes stmts of discovery

      we have to function and act from something, even einstein’s relativity of light theory is based, from the little i understand, on the speed of light, a constant

      so a priori’s are, for me, simply where we begin from, paradigms…

      works in progress i much prefer over being “a piece of work” 😉

      thanks again so much charles, it was a pleasure having you stop by


  3. smiles…i like all the questions adan…is this all there is, will we one day just collapse upon ourselves….i def would have a problem with any philosophy that described us as just junk on the pile…i def think we are beautiful…and one day maybe we will have a higher conciousness to understand the mysteries that surround us…


    • i’m with you on that! no, we won’t let ourselves be junk in any pile! 😉 yea, our consciousness definitely will have to go higher to understand whatever all this is, but i too have faith it’s for the good and are really (already) beautiful, thanks so much brian 😉


  4. smiles…a nice journey you took us on…starting and ending with questions..i think i have more as ever can be answered…i like the details also much..the self made stars and spirals that smile when called by their maiden name, galaxy…nice…happy sunday to you


    • thanks claudia 😉 yea, i was always with questions said my dad!

      saw you were out walking, early this morning our time, when i was just waking and getting some coffee; time zones, that’s another interesting thing, glad you came by claudia, very happy sunday to you also 😉


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