dVersepoets OpenLinkNight – Week 32 : What Would Walt Whittle

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“And The Idea Is…” : Original inspirational poetry, linked in response to dVersepoets.com site’s prompt post, “OpenLinkNight ~ Week 32.”


“a beginner’s view : the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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what would walt whittle : original inspirational poetry


if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


The Prompt, “OpenLinkNight ~ Week 32” from dVersepoets

natasha head, hosting dversepoets’ openlinknight has some wonderful commentary about why those who write, well, write –

it’s inspiring to read, as a writer or a reader…

she mentions writers who write “daring to post their hearts” –

she writes of how “Through this community, and on through the ether of cyberspace, brave spirits venture forth, hear my words, and encourage me to keep at it….” –

and she quotes walt whitman’s words, “To have great poets…there must be great audiences” then proceeds to tell us we are that great audience, and how much it means to her…

it is, as i’ve mentioned, inspiring…

i don’t know what the title of this work will be, it’s topic, or tone, but, here goes 😉


What Would Walt Whittle


in the way the wind wears stones down



in the way a bird rests upon thin limbs

whistles, and knows there’s food

for the spotting


that i get so angry



i know this is



when i breathe reminders of the good

things i can feel, the colors i can see, the

touch of my wife’s hand tapping

my thin remaining hair in


i feel i’m always finding rocks

i like to turn over, just to see

what crawled under

always finding croppings in the wide open


i can use for photo-poems, art, word


there’s so much land

we love crawl-walking over

bike paths, trails, patches of clearing

roadsides and byways with rails

cause they know we know

we’re gonna walk them


i found my poem’s title tilling time with words

i must’ve absorbed the poem prompt

and grew a new beard of thought

from pondering walt’s wise

words about my


are there really still holiday lights in trees

downtown a week past valentines?

i like that lopey optimism

that assumes there’s

folk who’ll fawn

over every tree

lit like

firefly nests

walt whitman lives

where living’s lived

whether paper ether music or cries of voices

the living…is always felt…

© 2012 adam light creations / adan lerma


g’nite everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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  1. So many great lines and images, but I really love the structure. Alternating between the long and short lines gives the poem a wonderful, unique rhythm.

    Really enjoyed reading this. Great work.


    • nice to see you enjoy that play of rhythm among the lines, it’s part of what i enjoy about creating my stuff 😉

      thanks so much skyraft –

      i hope that what you allude to on your site as “ending” is not your writing, you have some interesting concepts and imagery, best wishes 😉


  2. it’s good if we can still focus on the light in life’s tiring everyday…love the image of turning stones over to see what crawled under them…i do this as well…there are treasures to find…smiles..nice..


    • “still focus on the light in life’s tiring everyday” – you wrapped up my intention (not always successful) the way i would’ve wanted to say it, thanks claudia 😉


  3. you know…you just breathed me there…well maybe not the thinning hair yet…but i love turning over rocks…and your opening lines capture where i am tonight…worn rock…great write man…peace to you…


    • glad it resonated brian, means a lot to me; worn rocks that’s us 😉 and you’re not missing anything w/out the thinning hair thing 😉 thanks brian, peace with you also young man


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