dVersepoets Prompt – Translucent Poetics: Writing Spoken Word

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Post is in response to Writing Spoken Words prompt from dVersepoets


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i spoke my mind, kinda : original love poetry


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dVersepoets Prompt – Translucent Poetics: Writing Spoken Words

hosted by claudia schoenfeld and ami mattison

ami, a spoken word poet artist, describes how spoken word poetry differs from traditionally expected written poetry :


“Spoken word is intended for a listening audience. Thus, it must somehow manage to speak itself in a way that makes its various images and metaphors easily apparent, or accessible, to any listener and not necessarily to someone “schooled” in poetry or even spoken word…

“translucency, or poetic transparency is a key element of spoken word poetry….”

ami goes on to of course acknowledge similarities, but then progresses to describe the use of first person narrative to achieve success, ie, communication, with a live audience

as a person who has done a touch of community theatre, and a few years of summer outdoor amphitheater work in galveston, i can relate to how much it must mean to ami to do this type of poetry

maybe one day i’ll merge that old interest of mine with this old interest of mine 😉


I Spoke My Mind, Kinda

so i said, you gotta be…

and she cut me off

like a third arm

with no sleeve

to fit in

you’d think cause i smiled and

nodded my head she’d

cut me some slack

but all she kept saying was

“you told me you loved her, you

told me you loved her! you’d protect


i do i did i told her again, again each

time she said “you told me you

loved her!”

how could i tell her her cat and my

cat turned out made for each


love ain’t something i plan you know…

© 2012 adam light creations / adan lerma


blessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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  1. I love this… can definitely see it being performed on stage.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. I can’t believe you remember the rowdy neighbor poem. It’s better.


  2. ha this was a fun read….cant plan love no you cant and hope you are ready for a litter…playful all the way through man which plays well on stage…nicely done adan


    • it’s strange, cause your poem of your tree born the same day as yourself, reminded me so much of tiny sapling an uncle and i planted in his front yard, and maybe 25 years later seeing it again on a visit to that area

      and, glad you also see some of you in the comments, i know the feeling 😉


    • a twinkle a wave of an arm and just a bit of “tone” in my voice 😉

      spoken poetry is in my future i think, but patience, patience, sigh, patience 😉

      thank you claudia, your smiles made me smile this morning!


  3. Your voice has such humor and jollity in it! You really enjoyed the red herring that leadS us on to think there might be a fatal lover’s quarrel brewing. 🙂 Great story telling technique, and I can sincerely say that I never suspected the punch line. Good write, Adan.


    • hey 😉 glad you liked it! i thought it was pretty funny, but was worried no one might see it that way too 😉

      i think it had to do with the cropping, like a picture on the camera of a beautiful shrub with flowers and a bird, but you don’t show the busted beer bottle and cars parked all wacko to the right (making all that up you know 😉 but kinda works like that, sometimes)

      thanks chaz 😉


    • glad you thought it was fun! 😉 i was a little worried ’bout it, not having an actual audience 😉

      like johnny carson used to tell the audience when he hit a bad joke, hey folks, we don’t take this stuff out on the road

      funny 😉

      thanks again ami, really nice prompt write up, very interesting piece


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