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they weren’t my images, i thought : original photopoem poetry


if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


dVersepoets Prompt – Poetics – Awareness of the Experience

hosted by sheila and walter w smith

i had already told folk i was just too busy to post,  though i did visit and experience some great responses to the prompt on dversepoets today

yet i was able to finish my projects for the coming week, some big chunks of stuff needing getting done in prep –

and though i still have some personal projects that need getting started (much less being getting done 😉 ) i’ve just kept returning to the prompt, one i like so much, becoming aware of one’s personal response to the moment, and in this case particularly, to images

the sets of images i’ll use here, to create a photopoem as i like to call it 😉 are provided by walter, a digital artist who’s variety of texture color tone and degrees of layering-restructuring, is really a delight

i’ve rarely ever used anyone else’s images for my photopoem work, mostly because i feel i won’t have the internal emotional impact of using images i’ve chosen with my own seeing, my own eye, my own desire

but i felt this was worth the exception, and risk, of just plain falling flat as a dry leaf run over by a semi 😉

here goes –


They Weren’t My Images, I Thought

i didn’t draw my eye to this and capture it like

ice cream melting off a summer cone in texas

hurriedly hungrily reckless to its usefulness or arty-


though once i stopped and sat my mind on it

which is how my heart likes for me to

co-ordinate, behave, myself

Image by Walter W Smith

and found i agreed to disagree with myself

not wanting to remove pain that taught

me what pain is, learning me to

teach myself the value of

my uncertain future

even if

uncertain mostly to me



gazing on the rolling golden round disrupting

– playfully i decided –

the ruffled purpled oceans flower shells dancing dolphin like

Image by Walter W Smith

betrayed the first site’s thoughts – confirming my own pit-nicky

bias –

pain remembered is pain honored not forgotten

even winter’s harshest stripes of white whipping cold-welts

passes –

the floral layering leafed with greens carrying scents of seeds

birds gladly drop to earth, the patterned

look –

a washing-machine’s gentle rinse of the tillings the


took uninvited

Image by Walter W Smith

but accepted under the oval rainbow of the light

wind fluttering waves and spray and wisps

of cotton breathing in the salted air

saving us our moisture

in the needy heat

not forgetting the primal



but setting it back wet

into its ocean

i cross the bridge of colors set upon the

the darkness where

in light

all color comes


in pigment




the spectrum playing itself upon the retina’s

of someone else’s eyes

i thought

but i saw them too

the else’s images

they asked me

if i did

really did

remember the pain twisted moments set in muscle

and i said, yes, but more the release and remembrance

of the ocean waters i’d seen before

and more

the ruffled layers with rolling



more the sign of caution

asking us

if we really truly can remove ourselves from ourselves

no –

i said

and the images were mine….

© 2012 adam light creations / adan lerma


blessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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  1. Indeed, nicely done. You have a gentle way of pulling us into your (uni)verse which flows as gently over the consciousness as waves over the sea. Many memorable lines, which deserve re-reading. Without a doubt, pulling a unified narrative from all the photos requires a special kind of consciousnes. That ability to unite with the object is truly admirable.


    • thanks so much charles! esp glad you felt the impact “gentle” as it took some tooth-pulling on some of those sections 😉 multiple images not-of-a-set are trickier than serial images from one event ( see my photopoem at : http://wp.me/p1kLQ4-17i )

      i’m humbled by your kind words regarding special unifying etc, but i really really think we all can do it, it’s just practice id’ing and becoming more and more aware of your responses, and put them down as they go!

      ‘course sometimes i either don’t pull it off (natural) or wish i hadn’t 😉

      i enjoyed this one, interesting images from walter


  2. what a glorious adventure you have crafted, and the intertwining of walter’s images was so creative. I really like how you started off being hesitant about using someone else’s images and then ended by saying they became yours. Doesn’t get much closer to the “collective conscience” than that I suppose. I am so glad you came back and posted this. It is wonderful!


    • well, i had a reply and don’t know where it went 😉 late hours and late years 😉

      but anyway! thank you sheila, yes, it is like an adventure, esp using multiple unrelated images, it’s fun!

      i knew right off i had to somehow express the angst of using someone else’s images, yet making them my own, plus the process getting there

      glad too i was able to come back and post 😉


  3. not only did you use one but all of them…nicely done adan…and pain remembered is pain honoured…not forgotten…i grew up in the atmosphere of forgive and forget, which says it really did not matter…the thing is it did…so the forgetting part always struck me odd…anyway that is where your thoughts took me today…glad you joined in…smiles.


    • glad i did too brian, thanks 😉

      forgetting’s never been best for me, forgiving – yes

      and yea, gotta agree, it does matter, a lot!

      yea, using multiple unrelated images can be quite a trip, enjoyed it 😉


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