dVersepoets Prompt : Open Link Night 34 – Writing Alone

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Post is in response to Open Link Night ~ Week 34 prompt from dVersepoets


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dVersepoets Prompt – Open Link Night ~ Week 34

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open link night is a favorite, cause one can write anything, topic wise, within reason i assume 😉

tonight’s essay by the host at dversepoets pub does talk about the loneliness of a writer’s life, the interior-ness of it, and has some great quotes from hemingway and henry louis mencken

the latter says,

while we are conversing and laughing with ourselves, we manage to shed our loneliness . . . to scatter it as we go along”

while the old man of the sea, adds,

he does his work alone and if he is a good enough writer he must face eternity, or the lack of it, each day.”

so i of course have decided to play both devil’s advocate and confound’er 😉 meaning i meander ’round what “alone” might mean, and if it’s ever really avoidable, even when among everyone else…

it’s a tough question

yoga says we’re all one, yet many schools of yoga say the ego must be dropped behind, along with emotions and thoughts – not too appealing, i thought we were all one 😉

maybe, we’re meant to transform what we come in contact with, best we can anyways 😉

so my challenge, was to create something entertaining, spark some interesting imagery, roll some pleasing word-rhythms, and yet intrigue the question of do we really create our best work when most alone, or are we alone anyway, and aloneness is just an excuse…except when we really are alone and must cope with that –

it all confuses me

which is probably as clear as i can be about it!

poetry, at least, can entertain and provide diversions of form and sound and pace and image – we can at least feel good about leaning towards knowing, all along knowing, even sometimes proudly acknowledging, we really don’t know…

but we know we’d be cowards if we didn’t at least try 😉

so here’s my go –


We Write Alone, We Speak Together…

great literature, like
all things moving and
pounding our hearts, like
the rounded moon striking
our earth, changes everything
is it truly only possible to create
such impact, alone?
are we not alone when we
breathe our own air
among a stadium
of screaming
fellow fans or
among a dance floor of
studied looks from glances
shrouded as distance checks
on tiny turns around the
is it degree-of-aloneness like
the size of the moon that
strikes the oceans
making macro-
looks of drops of milk
making crowns when splashed?
but what of the Iliad or spoken centuries of
korans and bibles and testaments of
moons striking whole peoples’
dreams of survival
were not those words whispered ’round
campfires sized like buildings
warming thousands
did the utterances in public minimize
the force on civilizations germinating freedom
in ancient greece or royal rome?
or can it be argued, posited, positioned,
speculated, post hoc, someone, a
man, a woman, a child,
wrote the words
into the air
to be spoken on the ancient widescreen
of burliness and wild hair spun to
whip the air with callings
unconcerned with
can we ever not be alone
yet be with one
do we really speak in most
when we hope
to be with that
always with us when we’re alone…

© 2012 felipe adan lerma


blessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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    • mark, any time someone can say they’ve been made to think from someone i wrote, i take that seriously, and as a high compliment, thank you so much 😉

      wanted to add, saw your photo of katz’s in nyc, and reminded me of back home in texas (currently in vt), where we had a katz’s in austin for many decades (i “think” they were related, even if distantly, but not sure) – i did get to visit the nyc one once some time back

      great slogan too btw : “Remember, there are eight million stories in the Naked City…The New York City Minute will share them 60 words at a time!” – nice 😉 thanks again


  1. Profound questions, Adan, very insightful. It is strange that we find those most sincere words, atbtimes, when surrounded by silence. Given language’s social origins, we must seek solitude to denude ourselves of the layers of social conditioning that hide what’s most real from us. There is a strange paradox there, no doubt. I think the theory that language – which doesn’t just include words – has its origins in the mother/child interaction that occurs during the prolonged reliance of human children on this parent for its survival. Anyway, some food for thought here.


    • interesting info chaz, definitely food for thought 😉

      i’ve read here and there that the infant human brain can absorb any combinations of sound and nuance that create what we call language, all the varied sound systems, intonations – amazing huh?

      i guess what i keep finding most interesting though, is the notion that we must seek solitude to find what’s most real, i keep feeling one can and does do that, at times, even in the midst of total immersion in the layers of social conditioning

      that it has something to do with making contact within ourselves

      in yoga classes, some quite large, huge even, each person, co-ordinating a sequence or set of poses, a person is taught to focus on one’s own breath, hear one’s own blood swimming in one’s veins, sense the crunch and crease and give of muscles stretching and contracting, being as totally in the moment as possible

      i’ve heard of it happening in the smallest and largest of battles in war

      i’ve sensed it, in a tiny way, playing an instrument in a band, marching in a parade, standing on the pitcher’s mound in little league, in a clearing at an outdoor concert, with a partner, and by myself –

      i sensed it in kindergarten when, not knowing english, i was told, in english, to stay put at a certain spot and wait for the teacher to return, and i didn’t know what was said, and didn’t know what anyone was saying, and felt myself very alone among the huge room of kids my age running screaming playing singing laughing chasing each other

      it was the same self, i was the same self, the same truth, the same reality, alone or in a group

      i’m glad you stopped by charles, that’s some tasty food, i thought, you brought 😉 thank you 😉


  2. I often feel more alone in a crowd than I do in a room by myself. I think we are most creative when we have otehr people to bouce ideas off.


    • nice point tony!

      i’m coming more and more, in thinking about all this, that “alone” is a centered-self variable –

      that, like seems most things in life, that right degree of aloneness that lets us trigger valued creativity (valued by our own self or others) is available anytime, but that, because of habits and circumstances, we’ve come to “trigger” that creativity in certain circumstances

      thus, for me, i get gestalt-ideas, when i exercise, whether dance movement, breathing exercises, or held yoga poses

      then, even if people are around me (i grew up oldest of six 😉 ) as long as i can concentrate without having to pay much mind to detail interactions, i can come up with stuff! though i usually forget it unless i can jot it down, or are already at my laptop etc 😉

      glad you stopped by tony, thanks!


  3. nice job. Questions I always enjoy. Philosophizing, contemplations, affirmations- seeking the unknown, the quest for understanding- all ideas I care greatly about. You did a really fine job posing some great questions, and offered reflections for many that are just as important to evaluate. Your intro notes were also a nice touch, much considerate to include. Anyhow, had a lot of fun going through and reflecting much my self. always fun to do. Thanks for the piece.


    • it “is” fun to reflect and contemplate huh?

      glad you liked my intro notes too, they’re not for everyone, i ramble sometimes 😉 but it’s part of the fun for me of writing

      thanks so much for coming by, and best wishes on your continued thought-searches on your own site, nice work 😉


  4. i like your thoughts in this…also love that you picked up on joe’s intro…i write mostly in trams, trains, hotel lobbies, airports or while i’m on a walk..and for me it’s always a dance on the rim…i need the inspiration and also the exchange with others but also the being alone with the words to feel them really..always depends… enjoyed your poem adan..


    • thanks claudia 😉

      yea i love those prompt intros! usually very interesting, joe’s was no exception, very thought provoking

      the whole alone / with others question has been a long running one for me; even like in theatre productions, as an actor alone in one’s role yet interacting with other actors “plus” the audience responses/inflections, it’s seems to me it’s really all happening at once

      and some people, some times, can be alone enough even in a crowd, to produce great work; and other can’t; and then there’s me – sometimes i can create in any crowd, good stuff too 😉 and other times i really need to be alone

      i think it’ just the natural process of flux of being alive, yay!

      glad you came by claudia 😉


  5. smiles…i think the magic happens when we come together…the man alone would toil and work but at night they would gather and eat together and tell their stories…so they would remember and so that others would as well…i would have to say most of my inspiration comes when i am out around others but i alone can pen it you know….nice dancing with the questions adan


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