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in movement, i am the tide : original inspirational poetry

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dVersepoets Prompt – Poetics – Poetics 1999

hosted by shawna from rosemarymint

inspired by “a book called The Best American Poetry, edited by David Lehman and Robert Bly” shawna explains that she hadn’t noticed the “1999” on the book’s cover, in the upper right hand side

understandable, i think 😉

shawna goes on to ask, what were we doing and thinking and loving or anything 😉 in 1999?

and adds a nice quote of concern from robert bly, this being a short excerpt of that quote, which easily merits a full reading,

“When the irreplaceable flavor of a given decade disappears, our language loses its vigor and becomes merely useful.…”

i won’t try and measure any vigor or descent into “merely useful” my work may have or not have now, but…

thinking back, watching the form and style i used from the early 90s on in my poems, i feel i’ve kept some of both of how i felt and how i expressed it, back then, before i became a young senior 😉

what has changed, is how and what i’m more aware of, which really makes me wonder what the heck is still on the road ahead!

i’m just gonna go ahead, and assume it’s good 😉


In Movement, I Am the Tide


we moved from

galveston on a day

so hot

we almost jumped the now-gone

pier-raised restaurant’s

deck railings

set outside over the gulf’s gentle waves

hurricane ike changed that

we arrived in


that evening

as the first front of the ending year

gave us a freezing 32 degree



we were glad to be there

alive in so much



simple thing a move

more enjoyable ’cause we

didn’t fit ourselves into the change

of climates, social and nature’s

we rode into it absorbing

the switch from salt

to dry air


rode the tide of change

by being the tide


we didn’t fall off our makeshift surfboard

we didn’t have and didn’t need


in 1999

we didn’t even know that


awareness of what we already are

i still remind myself

is a process

© 2012 adam light creations / adan lerma


Adan Lermablessings everyone ;-)

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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    • coming from someone as zen-mommy-wife-person as yourself, i’ll take that as an exceptionally nice compliment, thanks 😉

      ps – anyone reading this should take a look at the pic at the top of mama zen’s site, adorable 😉


  1. I love the way this section sounds when read aloud: “we almost jumped the now-gone pier-raised restaurant’s deck railings”

    Really like the visual presentation, whittling the lines down to a single “a” in the middle.

    “’cause we didn’t fit ourselves into the change … we rode into it” … having moved quite a lot in the past several years, this really hits home. Perhaps that’s why I’ve adjusted so poorly; I haven’t ridden into the change, enjoying the adventure.

    “awareness of what we already are i still remind myself is a process” … Hmmm, so true.


    • hi, shawna, i’m glad you like the “sound” of some of the lines, i can kinda hear them at times when they’re hitting right, but super nice to hear someone else does too!

      the centered text format is one of my fav’s, and one which i developed using in the 90s, trying to merge the visual format look with the sounds and rhythm, it’s “usually” fun 😉

      yea, ride those bumps and enjoy the change you wanted, that’s kinda how we try and view it; even if things sour and grey again after awhile, the newness can be kinda nice (we’re in vermont, my wife’s home state for a bit)

      the reminding part, well 😉 i think that’s just gonna have to be a life long thing for me

      thanks so much for such a nice comment, take care of yourself 😉


  2. Riding time like a surfboard, that is my kind of experience. The sense of flow and calm radiating from this, even amidst the havoc or moving and hurricane, and the course of mother nature is excellent. Your poetry brings to the surface that practice you preach, that awareness of Self so important to self-awareness.


    • i’m glad you mentioned the “practice” part chaz 😉 glad you enjoyed it

      and, despite the power of the negative you saw in your own 1999 poem, written in 2000 no less! just having been able to say all that, then is i think, incredible, and incredibly promising of what we can survive, and still be…

      thanks so much chaz


  3. we rode the tide by being the tide…nice…and the awareness line as well….i have moved quite a bit…always work but i welcome it, the change that comes with it and new places to explore….and to acclamate to the new weather for sure…


  4. awareness of what we already are

    i still remind myself

    is a process…. love that…and somehow we’re always moving, even if we don’t move in reality… having lived all my life in the area i’m living now… maybe this is because i have this ache to travel…. inside and outside… enjoyed your poem adan


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