dVersepoets Prompt : Open Link Night 35 – March Madness

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Post is in response to Open Link Night ~ Week 35 prompt from dVersepoets, hosted by Brian Miller.

“a beginner’s view: the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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march madness : original sports poetry

if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


dVersepoets Prompt – Open Link Night ~ Week 35

hosted by brian miller

one of the founders of dversepoets, with claudia schoenfeld, brian says this about open link night,

“Welcome to OpenLinkNight!

“What’s that?

“Great question, and if you are just stumbling upon us you are in for a treat. Not because of anything we do but because of you. OpenLinkNight is the poets willing to lay their hearts to the pen, the wind that blows through the doors every week at 3 pm EST and whips into a whirlwind of verse for 33 hours.”

this is, from my experience, a great place to try out your verses, in a community of other poets whose intent is to support, critique, and be respectful – the latter something not always easy to be found 😉

brian goes on to add,

“OpenLinkNight is all about you. It is about the poets that make this a special place by talking back in the comments, by visiting each other. By interacting.

Interaction is where the magic happens….”

this is often, i’ve found, an active diverse creative group that’s gonna look at your work; i encourage you to give them a try, it’s free 😉

below is my creative effort of the day for the open link prompt

sports is on my mind, in a large work of poems i recently posted, “101 sports poems,” in a newer sports work in-progress, in the opening of baseball season, the upcoming olympics this summer, and so much more

starting now, of course, is the college playoff mania that stretches to early april

so with that in mind 😉 i give you, my march madness 😉


March Madness

oh sure

we know that

sports includes coaches and

players with less than

stellar lives


the rest of humanity


march madness

for me


the holidays continued

in respectful competition with

oneself and others

the internal edge

of yoga

finds the brittle sharp blade

of interactive

experience chipped

into use

elbows find ribs

they’re not connected to


is as much the sweat of analysis as

it is the beat of your heart

at the same breath


in time

become memories stretched

to decades



of endurance

etch the set of your eyes

the shoulders next to you even

on the long bench


on you too

if there’s ever been moments you’ve


most alone

it’s when you realize

you’re part of

the team

© 2012 felipe adan lerma


Adan Lermablessings everyone ;-)

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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      • cursed cursed! 😉

        yea, gotta agree mark, no “i” only if one ignores the participants that make the team in the first place! the mistake of many a dictatorship i feel

        this is the same paradox through my whole life, we’re individuals part of the whole

        and ignoring both components just doesn’t work for me, whether in yoga, the arts, sports, and good old regular life

        glad you came by mark, thanks!


  1. if there’s ever been moments you’ve


    most alone

    it’s when you realize

    you’re part of

    the team… this is great…and think that’s the point not only in sports but when you grow together as a team with whatever task lying ahead…march madness…i like…smiles


    • yea, i think both you and brian hit it right where i was thinking, this is how it is in all arenas, sig others, etc

      sports is just another way we people have created and organized a way to almost provide training in being in those more personal relationships, we get rules and referees and standards and goals

      plus they’re (usually) fun 😉

      thanks claudia, glad you liked it 😉


  2. something beautiful happens when a group of people come together as a team….when there is truly that synergy everyone feels it…and you see it in how it happens…i am sure it can happen in yoga, basketball or just in life…you know….its a beautiful thing to watch…and i love march madness basketball too…my weekend will be a wreck because of it too…lol….


    • lol for sure! 😉 weekends’ll be a wreck til early april!

      it is a great feeling brian, happens on any level folk get together i think, which is part of why sports has worked since at least the early greeks, and probably from the very beginning

      have a great night brian, gonna catch up on readings tomorrow, take care 😉


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