dVersepoets Prompt : Meeting the Bar: Filling in the Gaps – March Madness

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Post is in response to Meeting the Bar prompt from dVersepoets, hosted by Charles Miller, on the theme of writing a poem that fills in the gaps to why one’s previous poem was written; great intro essay.


“a beginner’s view: the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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the surround sound around my last poem : original yoga poetry

if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


dVersepoets Prompt – Meeting the Bar: Filling in the Gaps

hosted by charles miller

my originating poem for this poem, is “march madness” written a few days ago

charles posits that (my bolding),

“More modern poets make up for this disjunction between life and poetry by filling their poems with more and more personal, historical, social, or other details. Many poems try to fill in the gaps left by the disjunction between the moment of poetry and real life by providing enough detail to let you know what gave rise to the poem. No doubt, we aren’t talking about causal events like a chemical producing a reaction but cause defined in terms of meaning, not always directly discernible by observers or instruments.”

he gives examples of “more” meaning using work from ts eliot and dante

of the latter, he says,

“You’ll notice that I haven’t used the term commentary for what Dante does in this work. This is because I don’t think he’s doing literary criticism or dissecting his work like a literary critic does. Instead, he’s trying to show us how all the pieces fit together….”

the prompt intro is a richly written piece of interest to most any poet, and the prompt itself is challenging yet intriguing

this then, is my poem about my previous poem about sports and team work and individualism, why i relished celebrating all that is something that’s sometimes thought of as “just playing sports” 😉


The Surround Sound Around My Last Poem

all the fighting in-
fighting and discourse
what is what isn’t
no brain all heart
all science no emotion
not asanas only meditation
can these yogi-folk not see
they’re arguing which team’ll
win march madness?
height, no speed, nope coaching
yea yea yea
the individual’s nothing the
team’s the diva and yet it’s
all one
yea yea
all one
it is or it isn’t
this was my yoga reading world
in the ethers ny times and tweetdom
yoga, slow and done consciously
is where i found my awareness
was hiding
for me to breathe
ahhhh, yes…
the rest
as dalai man says
is all extra
add ons
and the world
at spring break once again
has an oil gas crisis
‘cept that the latter has
we agreed on
© 2012 adam light creations / adan lerma


Adan Lermablessings everyone ;-) g’nite

namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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    • “seems yet…lots of people are not playing by the rules…ha” –

      that’s for sure 😉 part of what i was getting at, at least w/sports, there’s referees and rules and penalties, plus a sense of safe competitiveness and play, we crave that! thus, march madness 😉 sorta anyway 😉

      thanks claudia!


  1. One thing we can agree on is March Madness, especially since my Lobos one their first round! You’ve given us a little of the prompt, I think, if only to bring home the fact that any attempt to categorize or otherwise hem in a poet and his license might be asking for toruble! There are always so many arguments going on, and from what I gather from your poem, they are true of the yogins as well. It seems that it’s nice then to have a referee around like the Dalai Lama, if only to remind the participants of the true goals in life.:)


    • thanks charles, yea it’s really good to hear stuff like what the dalai says 😉

      glad you came by, i’ll be revamping my site “very” soon, so all this will disappear for just a bit as i make the posts private, then most of them will return, with better ramping to the poetry and arts, the fitness, and the ebooks

      best wishes in the march madness too! it can get kinda crazy 😉 take care


  2. i did not agree on the rules…ha…ok, i love my march madness, i hate oil crisises as i think many of them are contrived and well i know better than to read too much into the paper…but my team better win the bracket…smiles…thats all in fun though…and i like it when the underdogs prove us wrong…


    • it’s hard to imagine any oil crisis that doesn’t have a few fingers of contriveness in it – dating “way” back!

      that’s the great stuff about sports, it’s supposed to be fun, and rules are followed or the offender is outta the game! 😉

      best wishes on your team, i don’t have any favs right now, though the vermont team, who rarely wins at all, beat lamar univ from texas, so those texas-vermont connections keep coming up for us! fun stuff 😉 i better stay neutral 😉


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