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Photography Plus, a Beginners View
Photography Plus, a Beginners View


Pictured, “Photography Plus, a Beginners View” –

Original images, photography essays and poetry, an original multi-image photo-poem.


“a beginner’s view: the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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“diving” – a photopoem


dVerse Poets Pub Prompt : Patterns Pictures and Poems

hosted by james rainsford

combining words and images, two of my most enduring art loves (two others being dance and music) is one of my favorite creative outlets

james, from the uk, and an elder it appears (from his site) presents just what i needed, an excuse uh, opportunity 😉 to 1) do a photopoem, and 2) use an image i really like, but was probably not gonna use in any of my upcoming photopoem books

i’ve link-marked “photopoem books” for those reading, as a heads up that my newest photopoem book from my “everyday inspirations” is free starting tomorrow, mon-fri, march 26-30, for five days 😉 sneaky huh? 😉

anyway, james’ intro essay into dversepoets’ prompt, is really interesting

plus, he is a photographer himself

what’s interesting to me, and kinda substantiates what i’ve felt about much of the arts for a long time, is there’s many ways to approach an art, and still “get it right” – since the thing to get right is getting in touch with one self’s own creative mode

james himself likes to create a poem, then search for an image he can capture or use to compliment it :

“I don’t work to a set pattern to create a poem or photo. Mostly the poem comes first, and then I either select an image from my photo library, or occasionally venture out with my camera to try and capture a relevant moment.”

while i like to identify an image, tinker with it to my liking, then let it prompt me for the right words for that moment in me

either works, or both alternately 😉

like james, i don’t think there’s a set pattern

the patterns are in us, are organic, and like the templates that i think yoga poses are, alter and adjust day to day, as we do, as the poem the image the pose and ourselves, are one piece

a google search continues to bring up interesting ideas about photopoems

here then is my own image and verse

i should add that james does supply some fabulous images that a poet is welcome to use if they don’t have or want to use one of their own

the setting for my image is the waterfront park area in burlington, along lake champlain vermont

thanks ya’ll 😉





Diving Seagull


at times

i must gather myself

to survive

© 2012 felipe adan lerma




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Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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    • thank you victoria, that’s quite a compliment, which i’ll gladly take 😉

      truth is, it was a search and tweak and surprise-it’s-zen type zen result; i really must thank the kind seagull that showed us his life need to fish and eat, right there in the air in front of us


    • james, thank you so much! those are heady compliments coming from you 😉

      i hope my readers stop by your blog and catch your other work, such great humor, images, and words

      your sidebar bio itself is worth the visit 😉 at http://thesanctumofsanity.blogspot.com/

      “devoted to becoming a modern ‘Renaissance Man,’ pursuing the questionable consolation of writing, photography, poetry,and music, all activities which are only tolerable, because they are punctuated by periods of alcoholic euphoria and profound idleness”


    • thanks charles 😉 i tend to do that, more direct and short, when i create a poem to an image; not sure why, but i’ve tended to notice doing that; glad you liked it 😉


  1. i agree with you and claudia…i def do the same, it is like taking that breath before pressing on….i usually do one picture poem a week that i can honestly say started there….usually the picture comes second to me and i try to find something to augment the words….


    • “taking that breath before pressing on” – yes! 😉 have to!

      yea, i think poem to pic, or pic to poem, whatever works is good; it may be cause i’ve also painted since i was a teen, that i tend to want the image then connect the words, painting of course taking much more time to see the completed image, kinda giving me time to dig and dig with each color dab (without effort of digging of course 😉 )

      thanks brian, i appreciate it 😉


  2. oh yes..in all shortness you said it all…i do this a lot…gathering myself to survive…i would kinda flow apart otherwise with all the different tasks to face…great write adan!


    • thanks claudia, yea, i was definitely thinking the same thing, so many tasks 😉 i saw that image of the seagull and it kept at me til i sensed it was kinda like a curling in pose-movement, gathering for another expansion

      i like that “flow apart” too, fits perfect 😉


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