Everyday Inspirations, PhotoPoems Vol 4

Photography Plus, a Beginners View
Photography Plus, a Beginners View


Pictured, “Photography Plus, a Beginners View” –

Original images, photography essays and poetry, an original multi-image photo-poem.


“a beginner’s view: the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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“Everyday Inspirations PhotoPoems Vol 4”


Everyday Inspirations PhotoPoems Vol 4

Everyday Inspirations Vol 4
Everyday Inspirations Vol 4


About the Series

10 original images from vermont

10 original verses, one each written for each photo

fourth in a continuing series, “everyday inspirations” –

my intent is to find images in my every day world around me, that both appeal to me visually, and allow me to create a small written prose-verse that compliment each image –

to reflect the idea, and experience, of inspiration in the daily life around us…


Vol 1 – available, 99¢

Everyday Inspirations - PhotoPoems Vol 1
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Vol 2 – available, 99¢

Everyday Inspirations Vol 2
Click for Larger View


Vol 3 – available, 99¢

Everyday Inspirations - PhotoPoems Vol 3
Click for Larger View


Vol 4 – available, 99¢

Everyday Inspirations Vol 4
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About Me, About PhotoPoems

i’ve been painting and taking photographs, off and on, since the late 60s, early 70s; and writing since the late 70s

music, dance, words, and images – plus the arts in general, have been lifelong interests of mine

photopoems, have become an opportunity, in the digital age, of more completely merging, complimenting, two of those interests, prose-verse and images

they offer a unique entry of choice, where either the words or the picture, can be what holds meaning for the reader/observer –

or where a merging and feedback between the two might occur…

it is my hope i accomplish the latter 😉



99¢ Series Editions


Everyday Gratitude Vol 1         Everyday Inspirations - PhotoPoems Vol 1         Creative Gratitudes Vol 1

Please Click Image for Link

Please Note, “Creative Gratitudes” is currently in-progress, but soon available.

In-Progress Work


Image-Poems, One Year of Images on Yoga-Adan         10 Sports Lessons I Can Smile at Now

Please Click Image for Larger View

FREE – at Participating Outlets


A Month of Mornings Vol 1

Please  click image for listings on my eBooks page.


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




YouTube Videos

Adan’s Amazon Books Page

eBook Page – All Available Titles



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    • thank you jannie, i appreciate it, be sure and get your free copy 😉

      if you like it, or want to, leave a review or click “like” – it really helps a lot

      amazon’s been having problems showing people’s books today, but i think it’s all working ok now

      either way, thanks again (ps we climbed a bit of mt philo last week when the weather was “summerish” 😉 )


    • ann, thank you for the very nice comments; i should say though you may have me mixed up with brian, but that’s ok, if it’s brian miller at dversepoets, that’s good company to be mixed up for 😉 thanks again ann


    • glad you let me know brian, it really helps, cause i love putting my work out to others, but they it’s open to the less-than-constructive opinions we get at dversepoets 😉

      on a technical side, it takes me as long if not just a bit longer, doing even just ten images and poems for them

      plus, when i do a larger collection, the digital file (which is huge with images) which get charged to the author by the data size (for customer downloads) really eats into anything one makes

      with the smaller ten unit books, the 99¢ option pays a straight 35¢ a copy sold, regardless of file size, otherwise it wouldn’t pay anything 😉

      having free days, or a set volume free, is good all around

      anyway, i’m business-rambling 😉 thanks brian, i see you’re doing more and more image-poems, be interesting how it goes for you, take care


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