dVersepoets Prompt : Open Link Night 37 – Late Winter Watch(ing) in Vermont

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Post is in response to Open Link Night ~ Week 37 prompt from dVersepoets, hosted by Natasha Head.


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late winter watch(ing)

if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


dVersepoets Prompt – Open Link Night ~ Week 37

hosted by Natasha Head :

natasha’s intro-prompt essay is a nice read into one poet’s sense of the need to create

“At this point in the realm of the real world, I have been put into the position where I am able to live my nightmare…and I’m surviving it. Each punch and kick to the teeth are just poems waiting to be written, and all I have to do is make it to Tuesday where I get to share, to lighten the load and find the inspiration within YOUR words to carry me through.”

i’ve always felt dverse poets pub is one of the more supportive arts sites i’ve come across, maybe the most in terms of poetry itself –

my recent expansions into the digital world only continue to strengthen that belief 😉

at this late time, to still submit to this installment of open link night, one hundred forty-nine poets have submitted work for their peers to review and enjoy

there’s a level of trust and respect needed, that builds that kind of response, and dVerse poets pub has just that –

below, is my own little bit of experiment, mixing dialog and description, dropping prose into poem, and hinting at atmosphere

should i have added a pinch more adjectives? similes? exposition? an image? imagery? music?

could i have? yes, but should i have?

sometimes the freedom to simply play with a feeling, find an idea, and swatch a few lines, is all i really wanted / needed to do –

this time 😉


Late Winter Watch(ing) in Vermont

being from texas

specifically the gulf coast

where winter in march means


wearing a coat

seeing flecks of white float

into view


like stumbling onto “white christmas”

on tv middle of summer

so when, it being just above freezing

with windchill down to the teens

and i see college kids,

older folk, and

all in-


wearing a hat, or not,

nine out of ten


predictable by gender

i try to understand

“the girls’ long hair must keep them


i glance back through the window and see

long curls cued longer

by the wind

no, my wife says, shaking her head,

see they’re wearing their big

heavy boots

with the cute fake-fur look

around their


– hmmm, no light bulb –

“their feet must get colder than their

necks then,” i suggest –

my wife, sniffling from her cold


looks at me a moment


no that’s not it

i set the pot to make her hot tea


quietly, go back to our wide wrap of windows

our pie slice panorama

and watch for the next set of heads, cap-less or hatless

© 2012 felipe adan lerma



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Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. It is definitely interesting to see the evolution of your thoughts while putting this poem together, from the exploration of Tashtoo’s introduction, and your thoughts on how else to structure and embellish the poem – more adjectives? adverbs? – and finally to the finished work.


  2. haha give it up man…we will never figure that one out…no more than adults will figure out why teens do what they do…we seem to forget when we get older eh? thanks for always popping in adan…see you soon….


  3. smiles…how could a man ever understand a woman’s dressing habits…and talking about teenagers…ha…your wife of course…she understands…smiles


    • oh yes 😉 i read my wife the poem, then your comment, and she got this huge grin 😉

      re a woman’s dressing habits, i can only go back to “hmmm, no light bulb here”

      thanks claudia 😉


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