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Simple every day gratitudes found in daily every day life.  The daily story of my search, each day, for the point of gratitude in my day.


“a beginner’s view: the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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live in the moment

if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


dVersepoets Prompt – dVerse Meeting the Bar

hosted by Victoria C. Slotto :

victoria presents one of my most favorite topics, the sense of being in the moment

she begins with a statement i myself feel fully :

“I am not a Buddhist, per se. Aspects of Buddhism, however, have inspired me for many years, in particular, mindfulness meditation….”

then showcases examples of being in the now – snippets of data awash in each of the five senses, followed by a poem by louise hastings illustrating the pull of the seasons in one woman’s now


Mindfulness, Heart and Mind

victoria’s excellent intro brought to mind a couple of twangs of my own regarding mindfulness –

one, how often various proponents focus only on the heart and disparage the mind

my own feeling, which i express often here on my site 😉 is that ideally, a blending, almost a respect and compassion, between the two, would be even better

carol horton has one of my favorite articles, regarding right and left brain, which i think equally applies (and which she posted on her site a year to the date tomorrow!)

two, is my idea of how / where creativity takes place; but first, this background material, from victoria :

“the words we commit to paper or hard drive are born in the present moment. In order to create, we need to carve out a place and time of silence. We need to slow down and notice details, to block out distraction, and open up to inspiration. Silence, awareness, focus….”

a problem potentially occurs semantically when silence is interpreted as only being able to be when one is literally alone, with no disturbing sound around –

this problem potentially re-occurs in the final three words “silence, awareness, focus” –


silence, to me, has meant the silencing of both the mind and the heart

the human heart is wonderful, as is the human mind, and both have shown the capacity for infinite good, and evil – which might well be the definition of being human 😉

the silencing of both, allows awareness, and with focus, i believe, creates the opening for each person’s best road of approach in that moment, either the mind or the heart, or, in those rare wonderful times, both the mind and the heart

anyway 😉 that’s my theory, and my experience

which, i recognize, doesn’t mean i’m not missing something

Accepting Individuality Within Oneness

but i must work with what i have, believe, and can accomplish

when i’ve sensed this most, are in momentous crowds, and the moments before sleep

weird huh? 😉


Live in the Moment Before I Sleep

the cotton sheets crinkle they’re

so crisp


to my touch

sheila’s asleep ill for

a few days

her breathing’s rough

but her scent is


the bed cool

beneath me as i



our bed

sleep is the moment

where one


broadest in time

my slowing breath

a slow bellows


the past, my slightly hunched

shoulders ease, rest back

upon the soft cover


i was five then-now the

fever so high angels

swirled above me

aside my

parents praying beside


sheila stirs restless resting


shhh shhh

my mother laid her hands across my

forehead my dad watching

with softened eyes

shhh shhh

i touch sheila to ease her

sleep-jerky fever

shh shh


breath is easier and

darkness comes


in light streaked silk




after the long moment of night

© 2012 felipe adan lerma



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Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. nice man…perfect capture of the moment…and love the contrast of the cool sheets and the warm scent of her as well…still recovering sleep from my trip but was nice to be in my own bed last night…


    • thanks for stopping in brian, but goodness young man, get some rest, some of that twilight moment stuff 😉 rest well, recovery is moment to moment too 😉


    • the present is so full of sensory potential, but yes, it seems to always be equally filled with memories mixed good and otherwise, but sorta sautéing the main meal of the present 😉 i’m very glad you liked it victoria, thank you 😉


    • soul and body, yes 😉 a time to rest

      wish i’d had an image for this one, the ones you use with your own work are really nice combinations, nice work!

      best wishes 😉


    • thanks walter, i’m glad the sillness spoke to you well, as gay below say, the night can be comforting

      yes, please do use the poem; as always just include a link back to my posting of it

      i did try to find your fb page but couldn’t, send to me when you can

      thanks so much again walter, best wishes 😉


    • thanks gay, there is a comfort there i believe, sleep and the night give us so much, it’s kinda incredible how little i know of that time, yet it waits for us, requires us to visit it, amazing sometimes the thing i feel gel and mingle as i go to sleep 😉 thanks for coming by 😉


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