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Everyday Gratitude Vol 1


Pictured, “Everyday Gratitude, Vol 1” –

Simple every day gratitudes found in daily every day life.  The daily story of my search, each day, for the point of gratitude in my day.

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“a beginner’s view: the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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“Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialties”


“Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialties”

Nurses Doctors & Medical Specialists


Sample Poem, “Nursing”

please see my blog post which features the poem “nursing” and additional commentary





Disclaimer, Please Read

in fairness, i always like to point out that i am not a health professional, though i am nationally group fitness certified by afaa, and am also certified as a yoga instructor

additionally, along with my wife, we have taken several classes from silversneakers and are eligible to teach senior fitness classes in their format

however, though i have been active in sports and fitness most my life, and written quite a few poems about sports, i am not a nurse nor licensed health professional

so how can i write nursing and other medical health profession related poetry?

the simplest most direct answer is, we listened to and asked our customers and wrote poetry they felt they needed for family and others in the health fields

my wife and i had begun writing poems and selling them at art shows and malls in the early 90s to compliment my art work that we also showed

though we began with family related poetry, mom and dad and others, we were quickly asked to produce similar work, that didn’t require medical knowledge, yet showed appreciation felt for someone who was a nurse or doctor or even other related fields, like emt and lab tech

thus began a process we applied to not only nursing related poetry, but business, legal, and teaching fields –

we interviewed people, had conversations, and received incredible feedback for these poems

this also explains why the collections features a few non-generic gender poems, and have both a male and female language version for the same work

below is the product description in the listing for “nurses doctors & medical health specialties” which may soon include this section’s disclaimer

our hope is not only to provide a product in this ebook we found was widely popular for the time of over a decade we sold these poems in shows, but have the potential reader understand our layman approach of writing celebratory poetry for those we depend on in the helping professions


About “Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialties”

from the product description :

Please enjoy browsing the complete list of titles, listed in the click-able index created by the author, via the “Look Inside” feature provided by Amazon Books.

Nearly twenty years of poetry writing is represented in this full edition of six dozen nursing, doctors, and medical / health specialists poems.

Though not in the direct healing arts himself, after graduation from the University of Houston-Clear Lake, the author started work as an arts person, helping patients on a locked nursing floor.

“UHCL was a great college, where I was able to build my own arts and humanities program; then, in my first job after college, in Galveston, helping people through the arts at UTMB, was itself a unique, creative learning experience…

“My own degrees, from the University of Houston Clear Lake, and other studies in the arts and fitness, have added much I have enjoyed integrating and blending in my work.”

Humor and appreciation alternate and permeate in many of Adan’s poems, such as in the enclosed poem, Home Health Nurse.

“My dad needed a lot of care at home his last few years, and the various nurses and therapists that came by were always a welcome warm sight. A very needed sight.”

Other titles include, Nursing, School Nurse, Family Practitioner, M.D., Caregiver, E.M.T., Respiratory Therapist, and Volunteer.

A small group of inspirational poems are also included.

Adan and his wife Sheila enjoyed selling gift copies of these poems for over a decade in malls and arts shows in the 90s, and now are proud to present this collection, with additional new work, in today’s new eBook format.


About Me

please see my About Page for information on my training and education

i have been writing since the early 70s, in addition to painting and doing photography

the arts have been my constant throughout my life, and expect to continue with it, along with my fitness interests, for as long as i am blessed to be able to 😉

the digital ebook revolution is enabling me to not only present visual and verbal work in an easy to access format, but begin to combine images and words into photopoem and artphotopoem works

for current examples and listings, please see my 99¢ options below

thank you much for visiting my site, sincerely,

adan lerma


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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