The Indie Spotlight : “10 Sports Lessons I Can Smile at Now”

10 Sports Lessons I Can Smile at Now
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Pictured, “10 Sports Lessons I Can Smile at Now”

Light humorous re-telling of a layman’s love and play at sports.


“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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my collection of sports poems “10 Sports Lessons I Can Smile at Now” is being featured by “the indie spotlight” whose motto is :

The Indie Spotlight – Where the Independent Author Shines

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The Indie Spotlight

what the indie spotlight offers, is a chance to have one’s independent self-published work more widely presented, especially to the growing number of people with ereaders, such as the kindle and nook among others

10 Sports Lessons I Can Smile at Now
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a variety of in-depth questions were presented to help the reader know the writer and the work presented a bit better

sports is year round –

and so this lightly humorous look back at my layman’s fun and trials at playing at sports, “10 Sports Lessons I Can Smile at Now” takes a look at baseball, dance, skateboarding, yoga, running, and bicycling

indie spotlight’s submission page provides a downloadable questionnaire, and that can be submitted to one of the founders, gregory bernard banks, a published writer and graphic artist

if you are an “indie” writer, i’d highly recommend this opportunity; it is free, easy, makes one think about one’s work a little more broadly, and is of course potentially good pr

the questions are fairly comprehensive, but easy to follow, and my two previous submissions, one for “poems for lovers loving & being loved” and the other for “101 sports poems” were presented in a way that showed my work to very nice light

i think it’s also fair to say, the questions helped me clarify, to myself, and my readers, some whys and whats about my creative process, particularly in regard to the book featured, more deeply than i’d realized i would

in the optional samples inclusion ending, i included chapter one, “Turkey Bike Trot” 😉

Heads Up on Submission Process Changes

also, and very importantly, the entire submission process and resultant “spotlight” on one’s work, is free – that always helps us new (to the world) writers and artists 😉

however, due to a recent server crash, greg, one of the co-founders of the indie spotlight, gave a “state of indie spotlight address” saying (my own bolding) :

Ed and I have been truly grateful for all of the tremendous support you have given us, and are very happy to continue providing The Indie Spotlight as a medium to help let the world know about you and your work. But our popularity far exceeded our expectations, and prior to the server crash, we had a very large queue that was continuing to grow by the week. So now that we have this unfortunate opportunity to start over, we will be taking steps to keep the stockpile of submissions under control so that we can best serve you. So submissions are open now until the end of the month of April, and then we will try to have a more definitive submission period schedule set up, which we’ll post on the website.

so, from my view, a total recommendation of the indie spotlight’s services, but with a heads up regarding keeping an eye out for upcoming submission changes after april

i’ve come across work that, because of the in-depth presentation, i probably would not only not known about, but not known to care about

thanks so much, i hope you get to stop by at indie spotlight



namaste – con dios – god be with you


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