Adan’s Self Portraits, #20 – Aligned with a Half Moon Over Downtown Austin at Zilker Botanical Garden

blog excerpt, I knew right away, with the scent of flowers in the fresh air and a view of Austin’s growing skyline, I wanted a selfie with my walking stick set to that background. Zilker Botanical Garden has been described as both the jewel in the heart of Austin and as the centerpiece of Austin’s […]

38 Years With Sheila – Happy Anniversary! ❤️ 💜 💕

From my wife Sheila today on FB smile — Happy 38th Anniversary Adan! My loving companion on life’s journey. We’ve shared so many experiences, made so many memories in so many places..Vermont, Costa Rica, Paris, Acapulco, Boston, New York, Chicago, all over Texas, to name a few! Wonder what’s around that next curve in the […]

Aging Gracefully – Ever Feel the Need To Focus But Your Life is A Shotgun? I Do 😊

No, not really offering any solutions, more an observation 🙂 I do kinda chalk my frequent current state to aging. And yes, when I was younger, say half a century ago, lol, I had as many quality demands on my attention as now: family, all the arts ( music, painting, dancing, film, poetry, etc ), […]

Spring Sunset Austin Skyline Butler Park Horizontal – Photography Felipe Adan Lerma

A nearly idyllic Spring evening just a days ago w/the sun streaming last light as the shadows began cooling into a new night… 😊 Recently featured @FineArtAmerica artist groups –* “USA Photographers” curated by Judy Vincent (Twitter) @JudyVincent74* “Images That Excite You” curated by (Twitter) @John_M_Bailey Following is an excerpt from my image description at […]

A Little Fiction About the Truth I Felt in Paris 2012 – “Slumming in Paris Part 6”

The recent tragic loss in Paris at Notre Dame, and the heroic efforts that helped mitigate it, has torn at our emotions and reminded me I had sensed and seen the mettle of the French culture and people via the beauty and monuments to their past when my wife and I stayed in the Latin […]

Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks : Around Notre Dame – Day 3, via Felipe Adan Lerma

My wife Sheila and I, even back in the autumn of 2012, were of course aware of then learned much more of the incredible history of Paris and it’s iconic areas inside the old city walls. We learned that a previous church had occupied the same spot on the island on the Seine as Notre […]

Adan’s Gratitudes – A Little History

About my previous attempts expressing gratitudes in my life and my latest intention to do so 😊   I should emphasize too, these are my public expressions of gratitude. My private expressions, and I think we can and should all feel free to have any number we wish for ourselves, are sometimes reluctant, sometimes infrequent, […]

PhotoPoem for – Winged Horse in the Sky – Hoof Prints From My Soul

Hoof Prints From My Soul Cloud clumps within my heart – Reappear in paint As hoof prints from my soul – Questions and guesses – Choices – Gathered (often without knowing) through seven decades of living, As naturally as fog settling – feathered – like thread knit loosely ‘tween sky and earthYes, it’s been a […]

Mount Mansfield September Sunrise Six & Seven – Daybreak!

Jan 03, 2019 Hope everyone is having a good start to 2019! These are my 6th and 7th images from my Mount Mansfield September Sunrise photo shoot one morning, September, 2018 – the final two pics in the series! 🙂 Please click links to see full res samples on my site at Fine Art America.Please […]

Wanna Know About Texas? My Texas? Watch “The Son” on AMC

June 28, 2017 Images are my own, All Rights Reserved, and are offered on Fine Art America (FAA) as posters, prints, greeting cards + more. Rights Managed photo licensing is also through FAA. The Son, on AMC I won’t pretend to know all the history or histories of all the peoples of Texas. Like […]