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“Community” – Original Love Poetry


dVerse Poets Pub : Open Link Night, Week 41

hosted by Brian Miller

“we all need those connections—that community—whether in time of trial or celebration. That is the essence of OpenLinkNight for me. When I click on your link, I don’t know what to expect, but I open that door…

“When I leave that comment, I don’t know if you need it, or if you will return one to my place, but I open the conversation. Thank you to all those that are building that community here, one conversation at a time….”


i myself, have been diving deeply into visual work, fitness classes, and even formatting my first hard copy trade book of one of my ebook poem collections

brian, one of the founders of dversepoets, like one of my daughters, recently took a fun-challenging group of young-uns on one of those i-can’t-believe-i-went-with-them trips, that we old(er) folk sometimes remember better than the kids 😉

that, those trips we make with our little ones, are among the deepest community we make…

those are a sharing across generations, time, and ages, that sticks like spring pollen on our heart’s memory cells

i didn’t have a specific thing in mind for my poem, other than its title, not a usual pattern for me, but i could feel the swell of feelings, like the way wading in chest high water on flat beaches like galveston feels –

and then one realizes why they’re called swells 😉



fresh off the visual wagon and

onto the sleigh of words


laughing and playing like

cars on galveston’s beaches back

in the 60s

radios blaring beach boys and beatles


bottles of beer held to the

summer light

no one

thought about

leaving broken glass

sharp edges for tender feet

in the soft sand


those times



they cycle like the seasons the moon

the earth round the sun

the cry for community was

strong enough

back then


drown the worries

it wasn’t the first time

hope sprung

in the

wells of people’s’ eye-hearts

it won’t be the

last –

that, we already know 😉

© 2012 felipe adan lerma



Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. Ahh, you are such a beautiful, passionate soul Adan. You caught the first part of that wave coming in from the 60s, a time thatbwas almost mythic when the ripples reached me. 🙂


    • yes yes and yes! thank you chaz, i think it’s when i catch whiffs of that mythic and re-express it my work, whether a painting or a poem, that i enjoy it most 😉


    • thanks so much victoria 😉 it was interesting experiencing that whole part of me come back out as part of my response to the notion of commmunity, amazing stuff poems are 😉


  2. smiles…my senior year of high school some buddies and i climbed a mountain together and stood on the peak to toast the life before us…that just sprang to mind reading your verse…i still know them today…


    • it’s great to get those memories! i felt the same way reading your Shakespeare-trip poem, and you even had a t-shirt to show for it lol! that’s great stuff 😉


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