Happy National Nurses Week : “Nurse Practitioner” – Original Nurses Poetry

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Pictured, “Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialties” –

Dozens of original poems for nurses of many areas, doctors, and support specialists.

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“Nurse Practitioner” – Original Nurses Poetry


“nurse practitioner” is a sample of the nursing, doctor, and other poetry featured in my ebook, “nurses doctors & medical health specialties

this collection of poetry was written beginning in the early 90s, when my wife and i both presented and sold them in mall and arts shows in texas

though, beyond cpr and fitness certs 😉 i’ve not been an actual health professional, i’ve worked in hospital settings and senior settings, and have always felt a great affinity between the teaching professions, which i am more directly familiar with, and those in the health fields –

both are wonderful helping areas to be in 😉


Nurse Practitioner

Perfectly blended


of science and art



R.N. to near M.D.


us hope for recovery


instruction plus education

on remaining well.

Almost a doctor

who is able

to relate


the best nurse

there is.

© 2011 Felipe Adan Lerma


Book Preview for “Poems – Nurses Doctors & Medical Health Specialties”


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. my wife is a coordinator at a nursing college…wonder if she knew it was nursing week…hmm…nice verse as well adan…i got a bit of a laugh at almost a doctor but can still relate to patients…lol


    • i’m jumping a bit ahead, i think it’s next week or the second week in may; i figure it’s best to put it up a little early so people can hopefully find it

      yea 😉 nurses have a definite sense of humor (from what i’ve experienced) ’bout the whole dr / patient / nurses thing

      i’m just glad we have all those guys, and folk like your wife, working to help keep us going 😉

      i also have poems for Hospital Administrator & Medical Unit Coordinator, is she one of those? i can try and post one or both later next week


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