dVersepoets Open Link Night Week 43 : “Diversity” – Original Inspirational Poetry

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“Diversity” – Original Inspirational Poetry


dVerse Poets Pub : Open Link Night, Week 43

hosted by Hedgewitch (Joy Ann Jones)


i decided on a poem about diversity, sort of in honor of the dversepoets’ open link night poem prompt, which, this turn ’round, re-caps this fine poets’ site menu of offering each week

the menu of prompts each week, is diverse onto itself, but then, within the recurring motifs, deeper layers of unique divergences open, like glimmers off creases in deep caves lined with precious dusts when light passes over…

more information, in more interesting detail is offered within this week’s prompt, but this is the outline :

On Mondays, the erudite and articulate Chris Galford brings us a look at a different classic poet and poem every week, some familiar, some obscure…

Tuesday’s Open Link Night, where any poet can link any poem on any subject,  is our most poplar feature…

On Thursdays, we alternate two themed link-in spotlights on the craft of poetry…

One is called Form For All, and focuses on the various poetic forms through which we can express ourselves as writers…

The other Thursday attraction is called Meeting the Bar, and is all about the nuts and bolts of writing

Saturdays at the pub starts the weekend off with Poetics, where an alternating team presents various challenges ranging from a word or a concept to specific art or photography…

also amazing, is the diverse links brought up by a simple google search for diversity

nature, itself, must demand it (diversity), as even in-breeding can result in unwelcome results

i would highly encourage anyone interested in creative work, to check out the more detailed prompt above from dVersePoets 😉

hedgewitch (joy ann jones) then finishes her prompt with a copy of Back Yard by Carl Sandburg, a fine summer read (for those of ya’ll in something south of northern vermont 😉 though we’re ready 😉 )






to have a break from the routine

yet knowing we


the routine

a graceful path with

stone steps along the climb

set at angles asking


foot to eye


make a trek a hike

with pauses for


skies beyond the tree

tops  –


feet and eyes tracing over

twigs and bits

of moss –

we love the uniformity of a silent wave

of snow

pristine shaped

by billions


unique flakes

© 2012 felipe adan lerma



Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. nice…love the uniformity in the uniqueness that you mention there in the end…there is comform in knowing everyone will be there…as much in how different that they will spin it…smiles.


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