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“Weather Neighbors”


dVersePoets Pub – Stream of Consciousness Prompt

hosted by Victoria C Slotto


stream of consciousness is one of my favorite modes of creativity, and has slowly, over the years, been tempered by some well needed conscious prodding reviewing and revising

so victorias’ suggestion, within her prompt at dVersePoets, is pretty valid, if you have the time and inclination, ie, you might get going and wanna bust through while the busting’s good 😉

• Review your writing for any connection you can discover between words and phrases and see where your poem will take you.
• Put your work aside for a while before returning to it.

i find, if you do this form of writing enough, you get where you like incorporating and doing some of these ideas

and she has more tips, and examples, and links to the likes of james joyce and virginia woolf, among others

it’s an interesting read of a prompt, highly recommend if you’re curious 😉


Weather Neighbors

a year ago i woke in texas to this same heat this

afternoon that had burned off a lingering morning northern

chill and find the two thousand miles neighbors each and every

inch along the way should i worry i wondered then forgot should i

fret or celebrate or buy an extra beer here or simply feel myself the

same in place to place adjust the windows with the shades as

the arc of sun boils the west and leaves the rest tonight

in tepid waiting for the cool of dawn i am neighbors

to myself in different lands offering strangers

notice of the dew point’s choke point on

our skin our eyes our way of feeling

something’s “off” something’s

not quite right tonight but

i am neighbors with

myself now and i


i know like the folk here


this winter past was faux cold and i know the

summer-spring that stings is faux heat


unless you get hot or cold


then the hotty toddy tea and ice cold beer

beer beer cold beer here

might make us neighbors one more season’s passing

© 2012 felipe adan lerma



Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. Love the shape of your words, and the words themselves are as refreshing as that cold one you offered…! You would be an interesting and good neighbor!


  2. smiles…i’m up for a cold beer anytime when the weather is nice..good and bad being neighbors with yourself…so i hope you treat yourself well…but sounds like you do…smiles


  3. Great shaping of you poem, Filipe–a good example of how you can keep the randomness alive while working within the structure of revision. As for the beer, since you’re at the pub and I’m bartending, I offer you a complimentary pitcher. :0)


  4. haha…i would crack a cold one with you if i was close enough…being neighbors with yourself…smiles…glad you like them you know…never can you always pick them…lol…


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