dVersePoets Prompt – Re-Joycing in Poetics (and Exile) : “Racing in Exile on Father’s Day”

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“Racing in Exile on Father’s Day”


dVersePoets Prompt – Re-Joycing in Poetics (and Exile) –

hosted by ManicDaily (a/k/a Karin Gustafson)


karin, in her prompt at dVersePoets, regarding forms and styles and expressions of “exile” says :

“Exile, like love, transgression, death, is an archetypal storyline.”

then continues with examples religious and literary, from ovid to joyce and even within the hobbit series

the excerpts from ovid and joyce were particularly nice i thought

by go by and check it out, there’s more in her thoughts on the subject

my own take, based on my recent engrossment in my wife’s knee replacement, is both easier, and harder, to use as my prompt response, than conjuring up distant memories i thought i’d exiled and am maybe not ready to contemplate their return yet 😉

which is a round-about-way of saying i’m too deep in what i’m in to do more than my current subject, helping my wife to her new bionic self 😉

happy father’s day!

and if you’re in exile, remember, the prodigal son (or daughter) always got the most press, uh, attention 😉


Racing in Exile on Father’s Day


we won’t be out searching for a

restaurant  good enough

to dine in yet –


inexplicably not busy


this father’s day

i told my wife


scar tissue racing her

ability to bend and move

her new knee


new usefulness

she was my father’s day card

signed sealed with kisses and promises –

her thirty year knee, she, and me

i said, will dine just fine on my texas-vermont tacos

© 2012 felipe adan lerma



Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. A very sweet poem, and thanks for your kind words. My husband had bionic surgery a couple of years ago and I understand the urge to stay put, but you do feel a bit of an exile next to the bed! Good luck to her and you. k.


    • i’ll make you another 😉 i’m not missing the heat back in texas, though this week we’re to hit 96! here in vt, but tacos? ah man…better i make ’em myself than go without 😉

      and yea, she’s doing better and better, though mornings are a killer, all still all night then getting going again; i know it’s bad enough getting going being well, but after the knee job! wow, but she’s a super trooper; thanks brian 😉


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